3D-Coat 4.9.02 Full + Patch

3D-Coat 4.9.02 (869 Mb) is a program that has all the tools needed to translate your 3D ideas, from virtual and direct clay blocks to models that are ready for production and full textured, whether it is organic or with a solid surface.

Simple texture and PBR:

  • Support for drawing micro-vertices, pixel paintings and Ptex
  • Physical based rendering (PBR) with HDRL viewport
  • Smart material with easy customization
  • Multi-layer images. Popular mixing mode. Combine layers into groups.
  • Full integration with Photoshop
  • Supports textures up to 16MB
  • Fast rendering of Ambient Occlusion and Curve map (Curvature)
  • Rich toolkit for any task in drawing and not only …

Digital Sculpting:

  • The main features of voxel (volumetric) sculpting:
    – There is no limit to topology. Lepi is the same, as if from clay
    – Complex logical operations. The whale bashing process is fast
  • Traditional sculptures give you powerful features like:
    – Adaptive dynamic tessellation (Live Clay)
    – Dozens of fast and dynamic sculpting brushes
    – Logical operation with clear edges
    Prepare models for 3D printing.

Amazing tool for retopology:

  • Auto-retopology (AUTOPO) with preset triangle settings
  • A fast and easy tool to learn for manual retopology
  • Ability to import reference mesh for retopology
  • Use the current low poly mesh as a mesh for retopology
  • rotopological group with color palettes for ease of management
  • Wide choice of settings for baking
  • And other opportunities …

Fast and easy UV mapping:

  • Professional tool for creating and editing UV sets
  • Native Global Uniform (GU) deployment algorithm
  • Support and management of several sets of UV
  • Supports ABF, LSCM and Planar scanning algorithms
  • Correction of each island
  • Finally, fast, easy and fun to use.

Download: Turbobit + Nitroflare



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