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Alaborn iPassword PRO (2.7 Mb) is a simple yet powerful password generator, login, and the number of logical expressions for every day. If you need to quickly come up with a complex password for e-mail, forums, documents, or just to produce the amount of certain range of numbers – this program will come to the rescue.

To use this program can be, even the most inexperienced users: just select one of the tasks of the menu items and copy the result (if desired, immediately edit them in the editor) to the Windows clipboard, or save files in a proprietary format * .psw for further editing ,


  • Create resistant to guess passwords: any complexity, from simple (8 characters) and very complicated. The complexity of the generation you are driving: You can set the time during which generated complex password!
  • Create a login has never been so fun and easy. You can not come up with a nickname for the next game account name or mailbox number 100,500? Quiet. Alaborn iPassword PRO will do everything for you. And if you do not like, you can always edit or request to create more.
  • Create a text block (text-fish) – if you need to quickly get a large piece of text to fill the page layout, or Web site, Alaborn iPassword PRO comes in: a few mouse clicks, and the right amount of text that is waiting for you in clipboard.
  • Generation of lists with the names of people, generation of English words (without and with numbers) to produce using a constant (for example, the number Pi)
  • Imitation throwing dice games: at one time, you can “throw” into three blocks
  • New to the seventh version of the program (June 1, 2016) editing systems and the preservation of the document, which includes a tabbed interface with quick access to favorite files, the newest file, and the file is divided into headings thematic (Main, Social Networking, Cloud and wheels, the game account, etc). Whatever you’ve created in Alaborn iPassword PRO – you can always find it fast.
  • Convenient copy in Evernote: save all your important data in the cloud Evernote notebook, the more that he had a direct hand in the main window Alaborn iPassword PRO and always at your service.
  • Magic Ball, interesting facts and websites today: we really try to make the work in our program not only convenient, but also wildly entertaining.

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