Ashampoo Home Design 5.0.0 Full + Crack

Ashampoo Home Design 5.0.0 (1 Gb) contains everything you need starting from doors, windows, balconies, and parking areas to plumbing and electronics, including solar panels. Is something missing? Just import! Arrange the furniture in your home and turn the virtual model into a true architectural masterpiece with one of the most comfortable home design programs on the market!

  • Millions of objects are ready to use for perfectly arranged furniture
    Ashampoo Home Design 5 supports downloading, editing, and storing various new formats of three-dimensional objects. This gives you access to millions of 3D objects! Simply import and add to your project! Thanks to the support of the SketchUp or Collada model, you can use regular and branded models.
  • Plan your photovoltaic installation easily!
    Easy data entry assistant helps you create photovoltaic stations in minutes. For roof systems, you can immediately determine the structure, choose modules from the object catalog, and location during the configuration phase. The program will automatically determine the appropriate parameters for the roof as soon as you choose the desired side. Once set, the station will be added to your package.
  • Fix and find the results instantly
    Ashampoo Home Design 5 is also a great tool for renovating your home and garden. Arrange furniture and decorative elements first, then follow a virtual tour. This is the easiest way to avoid unpleasant surprises and frustrations. Everything blends harmoniously. Thanks to a large collection of furniture, decorative elements and plants, you can let go of your creativity.
  • Difficult calculation? Let the program do it for you!
    Angles, lengths, breadths, or other calculations – all this really doesn’t matter, because you focus on design, and Ashampoo Home Design 5 does all the math. This program is not only a drawing application, but your ticket to a realistic high-precision model.
  • Attractive 3D preview
    The amazing three-dimensional display mode allows you to take a virtual tour of your building long before the foundation is laid. At Ashampoo Home Design 5, you can freely navigate your future home and appreciate light and color simulations to choose the most suitable place for your furniture. Visualize a complicated structure and find out what your project will be in the future!
  • Fast and intuitive
    Ashampoo Home Design 5 uses a ribbon interface that classifies all functions logically and by topic. This allows you to quickly access the desired function. And because this program is optimized for the best use of system resources, complex calculations and animations are carried out in just seconds. What other programs for home design are comfortable and accurate?.

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