Autodesk Revit 2020 Full Version

Autodesk Revit 2020 (6.22 Gb) is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology-based product, designed for building designers and building organizations. The project idea is embodied in it through a coordinated and consistent model oriented approach. Autodesk Revit 2020 is a full-featured solution that combines the possibility of architectural design, engineering system design, and building structure, as well as construction modeling.


Calculation and analysis:

  • Improved analytical structure model. Display widgets from the local coordinate system along with the supporting analytical elements in the form.
  • Calculation of energy consumption using building elements. Automatic creation of accurate energy consumption analytic models.
  • Structure analysis model. Establishment of an analytical model of structure and management.
  • Energy Analysis for Revit. Support sustainable design.
  • Structural Analysis for Revit. Functions available to perform static calculations in the cloud.

Team work:

  • IFC binds. Link the IFC file to the current project.
  • Intersection check. Check the Revit model for spatial collisions between elements.
  • Collaboration. Multiple user results can be stored in one file storage.
  • Revit Server. Work on general models is carried out by WAN.
  • Integration with Vault. Integration helps optimize data management.
  • Integration with Autodesk 360. Access to integrated Autodesk 360 resources.
  • IFC certification. Revit has a BuildingSMART International certificate.
  • Two-way communication with various calculation programs. Models can be updated automatically according to the results of the analysis.


  • Trimming / elongation of several elements. Trimming can be applied to several elements using the selection box.
  • Adjust the order of family parameters. Preservation of the set of parameters specified.
  • Strengthening for parts. Add Strength to Concrete Elements
  • Presentation for reinforcement bar sets. A different view of the amplifier for the reinforcing rod in a different type.
  • Property of bearing structure. The section shape contains additional parameters for bearing elements.
  • Method for calculating pressure drops. Calculation of pressure drops for channels and pipes using the Haland equation or the Kolbruk formula.
    Tips for family options. Tips for setting Revit MEP, description of parameters and their use.
  • Accuracy of realistic model definitions. Creating a realistic model for the transition to manufacturing.
  • Code parameters by classifier. The location of the file uniformatClass spesification.txt can be changed and updated.
  • Improvement in working with embedded items. Deleting fixed elements only according to your instructions. You can now avoid deleting accidentally pinned items.
  • Temporary display template. Species properties can temporarily change.
  • Autodesk Exchange. Autodesk Exchange provides access to new features.
  • Parametric components. Graphic system for designing and describing forms.
  • Two-way association. One of the main advantages of this program is taking into account the slightest change.
  • Tools for conceptual design. Sketch and model arbitrary forms.
  • Room color schemes on electricity / HVAC plans. Visual transfer of design intent.
  • Components of piping and electricity systems. From Revit, access to electrical system components is possible.
  • Browser system. You can choose the system form with which the work is done.
  • Improvements in engineering systems. Among the enhanced features of the product is the creation of special sizes for pipelines and lines.
  • Make a sloping pipe. Improved performance with piping systems.
  • Modeling using various materials. Modeling of building structures is carried out using real materials.


  • Invisible line (enhanced). Using natural shadows and invisible lines allows you to display elements that are behind or in front of other objects.
  • Improvements in working with change. Remove changes and sketch your own cloud mark shape.
  • Improvements in labeling. The ability to move stamps to maintain consistency in the project.
  • Increased specifications / bill of material. Improved specifications in the “Parameters”, “Filters” and “Grand Total” sections.
  • Images in specifications. Creation of specifications with images for demonstration of graphic information for elements.
  • Key record parameters. The dialog box for changing keynotes contains only one path.
  • Link to display. Now, after creating a link to the display, the corresponding view changes.
  • Repeated display. Changes to the default name for duplicate types
  • Valve numbering. Automatic rebar numbering.
  • The annotation feature is improved for several reinforcement bars. Use annotations for the double reinforcement bar for detailed information about the reinforcement bar.
  • Branded channels or threaded pipes. Marking airways or pipes with numerical values ​​throughout the whole.
  • Construction modeling. Disclosure of design concepts embedded in the model.
    More effective interaction with members of the distributed project team.
  • Material statement. Detailed definition of material requirements.
    Supports DWG, DWF, DXF and DGN formats. Work with data from customers and subcontractors.
  • Marking when placing / category. Tagging of components is available when placed.
  • Panel Specifications. Specifications display load indicators.
  • Interaction with external databases. Information can be exported to a database that is compatible with ODBC.
  • Image of node. Create a node image in the 3D model display.


  • Improvement of leveling. Activate alignment display.
  • Sketch lines. The Sketchy Lines tool allows you to give a hand-drawn sketch image.
  • Enhanced ray tracing interface. Visualization without distortion in ray tracing mode.
  • Display moved. Make a node view in the image.
  • Project visualization. The ability to visualize almost realistic models.
  • Visualization. Rendering cloud allows designers to reduce costs.

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