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Avira Antivirus Pro size 238 Mb is a reliable Antivirus includes comprehensive protection against viruses, identity theft and financial loss. It provides basic protection from all types of local and online threats. Excellent set of security tools is the ideal solution to ensure the protection of users, computers and important data. The new Avira Antivirus uses advanced features and powerful anti-virus protection, including cloud-based detection technology. basic solutions from Avira offers reliable protection that really works.

The main components of Avira Antivirus Pro:

  • Anti virus
  • Malware
  • Web Protection
  • E-mail Verification
  • Avira Security Android
  • Avira Protection Cloud

Benefits Avira Antivirus Pro:
The new version of Avira Antivirus Pro covers inspection technology cloud applications active in the system, components of Avira Free SocialShield to monitor the activity of your children on social networks, as well as the Avira Android Security – protection of Android-smartphone and information on the mobile device against loss or theft.

  • Browser Tracking Blocker
    Block 600 companies to track your online activities
  • “Cloud” protection
    Classification of threats in real time and fast scanning system
  • Advisory Website
    The level of security appropriate sites in search results
  • Scan network drive
    safer for you, better protection for the whole network
  • Protection for Android
    The return of a lost phone, personal data protection and blocking calls / SMS
  • Protection in social networks
    smart parental controls to Facebook and other social networks

Main Features:
Protecting your computer

  • Real-time protection: continuous monitoring of viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious software.
  • Malware protection and advertising: block online spies and annoying ads.
  • “Cloud” protection: ultra-fast scanning and online identification of new malware.
  • Check the network drive: antivirus scanning shared folders on the network.
  • Protection against rootkits: detecting concealed threats, looks conventional antivirus.
  • Proactive Proactive protection: stop unknown threats by tracking their behavior.
  • AHeAD Heuristic Technology: examination is known to code for suspicious signs.

Internet protection:

  • Browser Tracking Blocker: avoid the online tracking your online activities *
  • Website Advisory: To evaluate the safety of all the sites in search results and in the dedication of the website, indicating the level of security on the toolbar *
  • Enhanced Web Protection: blocks harmful sites before they have time to boot
  • This feature is part of Avira Browser Safety instrument panel (installed separately from Avira Antivirus Pro).

mobile protection

  • Security for Android: antivirus protection, the return of a lost or stolen phone, privacy protection, blocking unwanted calls / SMS-messages

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Download Avira Antivirus Pro Full + Serial Key

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