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CintaNotes Pro 3.13 (10.29 Mb) is a small and convenient application for managing personal notes. It can be an indispensable assistant for everyone who has to work with lots of different information every day: extract from articles and books, articles from blogs, famous quotes, research data, news, etc. This program allows you to take notes with tags while working with documents and websites. To do this, just select the text and press Ctrl F12. This application doesn’t mess up desktops with sticky notes, and unlike services like Google Keep and Plugins and Firefox, CintaNotes doesn’t require a browser (this program works with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat). You can capture text from all applications that can be copied to the clipboard. When you need to find information, just open CintaNotes and start typing. As a result, only records containing the entered text will remain in the list. Also, more complex search methods are supported, for example, searches based on the title or URL of the page from which the note was copied. CintaNotes is also available in a portable version that can be written to a USB flash drive and run directly from there. So note you can always be with you.


  • Capture Notes
    With CintaNotes, you can quickly capture any text from the Internet or applications on your computer. This does not require installing any plug-ins. Just select the text you want and transfer it to CintaNotes with a keyboard shortcut. The selected text is captured as a new note by pressing Ctrl F12
  • Full text search
    Finding notes in CintaNotes is easy. To do this, you only need to start typing in the main program window. In addition, you can search for records based on specific fields, for example, by title, main text, tags, etc. There is support for more complex search syntax. Search records using the full text search function
  • Backup
    To reduce the risk of losing data, CintaNotes makes backup copies of notebooks every hour, day and week. If necessary, they can be used to restore the latest version of your notebook. Menu with options to back up notes in CintaNotes
  • Keys that can be assigned
    CintaNotes has a large number of hot keys that can significantly increase the productivity of working with this program. The most commonly used shortcut keys can be customized to your taste:
    note take
    hide / show the program window and
    take notes manually.
  • Part
    Sections are tabs that are designed to keep notes on various topics separately from each other. The free version of CintaNotes limits you to using 3 parts. When you buy a PRO or PRO license for life, you delete this limitation and open up new possibilities for managing your records. Use tabs to organize notes by topic
  • Some notebooks
    Notebooks are files where CintaNotes keeps records. The free version of CintaNotes limits you to using one notebook. Buying a PRO or a lifetime PRO license will allow you to create and use multiple notebooks. With the help of a number of notebooks, you can store different types of notes separately from each other, such as addresses, projects that you are working on, quotes from books and articles, etc. Using multiple notebooks will help you better classify notes.
  • Attaching Files
    CintaNotes supports not only text notes. You can also attach files to them. Such files can be used as files (provided that the size of one attachment does not exceed 2 GB): office documents, images, audio videos and more. The file is attached to the note using the button in the form of a clip in the upper right corner of the note
  • Hierarchical tag
    If you make a large number of notes every day, then in the near future it is not possible to manage them from the list. To overcome this problem, use tags – keywords that explain and classify your notes. With the help of tags, you can organize notes in a hierarchical structure. Keep your workplace organized. The hierarchical tag tree structure will increase the classification classification level.
  • Automatic tagging rules
    Managing notes manually can take a lot of time. For such cases in CintaNotes there are rules that automatically mark notes and sort them into sections, based on the conditions specified.
  • Password protection
    Notebooks that contain sensitive data can be password protected. They are still coded on the disk until you enter the password.
  • Sync notes
    If you want to access your notes from several devices, you need to synchronize notes with Simplenote online services. Thus, you can access notes on devices running Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Link to note
    CintaNotes allows you to embed links to other notes directly in the text of your notes. With this feature you can create a personal wiki database.
    Text with links embedded into other notes in CintaNotes
  • Export notes to HTML
    Using CintaNotes, you don’t need to worry about the fact that your notes will be available for viewing only in this program. You can easily export it to HTML and see it in your chosen browser.

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