Escape Motions Rebelle 3.0.3 Full + Patch


Escape Motions Rebelle 3.0.3 (93.60 Mb) is an amazing program from Escape Motions. The most realistic watercolor paintings embodied in this program. Not only did the results look natural, but also the paint behavior, that is, spread after the smear, absorbed the canvas for some time to dry. And, the speed of drying, wetting brush, flow direction … can be adjusted in the settings. The Rebelle interface is aesthetic, comfortable and intuitive. The artist evaluates the program very highly. Toolbars can be moved freely not only within the program window, but even moved outside of it. They can also be completely hidden. You can reset the location of elements in multiple panels.

How to draw selected here. We offer watercolors and oil brushes, pastels, pencils, pens, markers, sprayers. And the eraser. Like without it! Below the drawing tool is an editing tool:

  • Blend. Mix the paint one layer.
  • Smear. Smear paint. Looks like Blend, but looks more rugged and more realistic. With the help of this tool, you can add images of art images loaded into the program if you try.
  • Water. Water. Yes, you can sprinkle on a regular water canvas, which will wash the paint and start spreading in the direction previously arranged by the Tilt tool. It looks very realistic.
  • Dry. Sponge. It can drain the place too humid. If you accidentally spilled water with a tool before, then you can collect this water with a sponge.
  • Undo. Cancel. Last operation.
  • Repeat. Go back to the circumstances that precede the cancellation.
  • Blow. Blowing. If the paint is not completely wilted, then this place can be blown up with this tool and the paint will spread a bit longer.
  • Choose a color. Pipette. Take pixel color under the tip of the pipette.
  • Tilt. Tilt. With this tool, you can determine the direction of the flow of paint or water.
  • Transform. Transformation. This refers to the layer whose content size is changed by this tool. What is interesting is the image quality is not lost when the layer is enlarged, pixelation is not observed. This means the modified image is calculated by the formula and not the bitmap image when drawing.

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