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FreeDOS 1.2 (418 Mb) is an operating system (OS), which is fully compatible with Microsoft released MS-DOS, but differs in that extends under the free GNU license. For the first time, the operating system was released in 2006 and installed on laptops and computers from various manufacturers default. Dell, HP and Lenovo to manufacture and supply PCs with preinstalled FreeDOS operating system, reducing the overall cost of the computer (compared with Windows pre-installed). FreeDOS is also installed on the notebook ASUS and Samsung.

Because DOS / 32 (development DOS / 4GW) and Open Watcom (development Watcom), FreeDOS is an easy solution to an industrial computer with PC architecture. Distribution FreeDOS including a large number of free programs – either written specifically for DOS, and ported to the system nix using DJGPP: utilities, browsers (Lynx, Arachne), word processing (EDLIN, edit, vim, emacs), several games (including including Freedoom ), graphics systems and other GEM.


  • OS is running in FAT32. Supports the work of all basic operations on files that are available in other operating systems.
  • Free DOS supports the opening of the archives (ZIP, 7-ZIP).
  • Edit text documents with additional programs.
  • See page HTML, working with the mouse pointer has a scroll wheel.
  • Free DOS also has a large number of software ported from Linux.
  • The system has its own browser, BitTorrent-Client, and even anti-virus software.
  • Free DOS supports the work with modern computers that support the x86 architecture. the device must have a memory capacity of at least 2 MB, and 40 MB may be needed for installation.
  • The system can not be started until after installation, but also through virtual machines (eg, VirtualBox), which can be mounted in standard Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • For direct installation of FreeDOS on a computer just download the system and burn it to a blank CD media, and then restart the computer and boot from the disk.

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