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n-Track Studio (62.39 Mb) is software for creating music, establishing that you turn your computer into a full-featured audio studio, with which you can create professional compositions.


  • Step Sequencer (easy to make beats, sequencers and arpeggios with new sequencer step. Began writing songs with a single click using the “factory” pattern or enjoy creating your own templates)
  • Flexible recording process (Secure the best version they use Multidorozhechny recording mode, control automation parameters on individual bands for each song or experiment with the recording process of the internal standard)
  • Improved Audio recordings proizvoditetepelnost (Program n-Track Studio is now faster and more stable because the smaller CPU load on your system, work on the project will now run smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on the creative process.)
  • Integration with the community Songtree (Program n-Track Studio 8 introduces cooperation in the field of music in the audio workstation New integrated application Songtree allows you to jointly create music in real-time to invite for projects other musicians or they themselves take part in the project this ..)
  • Support for data change (Now you can download your patch Invariant data on n-Track Program and use your favorite sounds and effects in your tracks)
  • Beat Doctor (Identifying the transition and adjust the bit or record the rhythm section for a perfect time)
  • Standard Form diffraction (Now you can free path rounding line and see it in a different band)
  • Widget for the audio section (section Audio now includes a widget to disable and sound amplification that provides rapid and accurate editing)
  • MIDI Step Recording (Insert step or notes for a bit of advanced sequencer programming)
  • Support for the Rex-file (you can import and edit your files .REX-project)
  • An updated GUI (Program n-Track Studio 8 is a significant change in the graphical user interface)
  • Support for 4K-display (new program n-Track Studio is characterized with graphics optimized for 4K-screen and high-resolution screen)
  • Improved User’s Guide (Revised and better user guides users makes it easy to find parts quickly and understand the work program).

Download: Turbobit

Rar Password if needed: haxdowncom


Download n-Track Studio Full + Keygen

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