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NANO AntiVirus with size 444 Mb is a high-tech antivirus to protect your computer from all types of malware: viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious software of all types of viruses and Trojans (binary, macro, script), worms and other malicious software.

NANO AntiVirus – a completely new project, so try to take into account the development needs of the user’s anti-virus program. The main ones are:

  • High speed, efficiency and ease of use
  • Ability to select the function program
  • Free Distribution

After installation of NANO AntiVirus you can appreciate the advantages:

  • Protection of your computer from any type of viruses, trojans and worms including theirs encrypted and polymorphous variations
  • Real-time protection of your system, that guarantees security of your information during your working time.
  • Extended support of unpack facilities that permits to found malware in various types of archives.
  • NANO AntiVirus provides high speed of scan that is attainable by using of advance scanning technology.
  • The system that permits to found new malware samples which didn’t put in virus database yet by behavioral analysis.
  • The timely update of the virus database which protects your computer from new malware.

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