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OpenCanvas 7.0.15 size 47.55 Mb is a small program with an intuitive interface, without unnecessary bells and whistles, but it combines the major advantages of giants like CG (Computer Graphics), Adobe PhotoShop and Corel Painter. Provides the opportunity to feel like an artist, both novice and professional and easily master the art of computers. There is a tool palette, basic filter, Brush Editor, which you can change the shape, sensitivity, brush hardness, colorful palette of colors, etc. Especially OpenCanvas is well combined with graphics tablets, as it reacts to pen pressure and tilt. Since the program was developed by Japanese companies, it is basically a tool for mangac and anime maker. However, the possibilities of the program are practically unlimited. You can draw programs with pens, pencils, and brushes. To paint, you can use a palette knife. The libraries provided from various drawing tools are quite large – with their help, if desired, you can imitate paintings with oil and acrylic paint, gouache and pastels, and create poster images. Built brushes, pencils, and pens can be easily adjusted, not just resizing, pressure ratio, transparency, etc., but also for most instrument shapes. User tools can be stored in the tools library for later use. In addition to artistic tools, the program has classic raster, such as stamp, finger, spot, various dimmers and clarifiers. In addition, there are several selection tools, including magic wand and text outline selection; operations for mirroring, turning, trimming, etc., common to raster packets; Traditional raster filters are supported, as well as layering is possible, including support for grouping layers, adjusting their transparency, changing layer mode and connecting masks. Images created can be saved in openCanvas – OCI program format, as well as in popular raster JPEG and PNG formats.


  • Event
  • Gradients
  • Tones
  • Read / Save in PNG, JPG or BMP format
  • Reading / Saving in PSD format (Photoshop)
  • Group to level
  • Combine visible (transparent)
  • Importing images from pens
  • Collection of editing brushes, feathers, palettes, and gradients
  • Streamlining the look
  • Optimization of large data
  • Colorful Sampler with many colors
  • Set the maximum size of the Navigator
  • Brush tip
  • Drag / Double-click the tool palette icon

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