Ransomware Defender Pro 4.1.8 Full Version

Ransomware Defender Pro 4.1.8 size 7.46 Mb is a utility specifically designed to detect and block ransomware programs before damaging a user’s computer. Ransomware virus (Ransomware) is a special type of malware that infects computers, blocks them, encrypts files, and demands ransom in return for sending keys to unlock computers or decrypt files. Ransomware Defender works well with all anti-virus products and adds a level of additional protection to known ransomware viruses. This program continues to run in the background and blocks Ransomware threats before infecting and encrypting your files. Also, Ransomware Defender has a scanner that can be used to scan systems in three different modes – fast, deep and selective. Fast scanning takes a little time, but does not scan everything, in-depth mode scans your computer carefully, but requires more time, selective mode scans files or folders selected by the user. This utility is equipped with useful additional tools – startup manager, history cleaning tool and safe file removal tool. Search history cleaners help you delete search history and delete temporary files. A secure file removal tool can delete files safely and delete all traces. Startup Manager can be used to view and disable applications that run when Windows starts.

Main Features:

  • Protection against ransomware viruses. Permanent threat protection.
  • Detection of the “Smart” virus. Thanks to the advanced detection system, Ransomware Defender localizes threats and notifies users about them in real time.
  • Active protection and warning systems. This solution provides continuous protection at all times, stops suspicious activity, removes malware if necessary, and sends reports to users.
  • Automation. This program is fully automated with only a few clicks, after all the necessary processes are done automatically, without user intervention.
  • Scan and clean it on schedule. Users can set an automatic scanning schedule, including the repetition interval and desired time frame. Thus, the user will protect himself against the possibility of skipping the scan if he forgets or does not have time to do it manually.
  • Automatic updates. Ransomware Defender automatically downloads daily updates, providing the most accurate detection.
  • Clean history. Through the use of the latest private browser settings technology, Ransomware Defender protects all personal user data from possible tracking and abuse.
  • Secure file deletion. If there is a possibility of a threat in any application installed on your PC, Ransomware Defender will help delete it along with all the files associated with this malware.

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