Redfield Fractalius 2.80 Full + Patch


Redfield Fractalius 2.80 (5.96 Mb) is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, which allows users to convert Program edited images using a patented feature of fractal algorithms. You edit these images would be a fantastic sketch was incredible, saturated light bends stroke, shadow, like a bud that you have created fantastic characters or images.

With Fractalius plug might get a different neon light and inclusions, so the photos to be like a pencil sketch, or a mystical landscape, illuminated by a ghost. Securities based on what is called a recursive image of the object being edited, digital image.
Download: Uploaded + Turbobit

Rar Password if needed: haxdowncom


Download Redfield Fractalius 2.80 Full + Patch

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