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Resolume Arena 6.1.3 (65.83 Mb) is one of the most popular video converters for PCs with all Avenue functions, as well as media server features: soft grading, screen bending, DMX signal reception and SMPTE time codes. This is the most powerful software solution from Resolume today. Arena is a powerful tool for live audio visual performance in real time. The principle of this program is very simple: using the keyboard, you start and mix videos, and add various effects to it, which allows you to improvise in real time with the video. The main interface window contains a palette of 20 channels where you can upload media files. By activating one of the channels – you start playing videos found in the active layer. A new version of Resolume was released in two assemblies: Avenue and Arena. Avenue is a modified version without significant changes to the interface and functions, and Arena is all features of Avenue plus media server functions (soft leveling, screen bending, DMX input, and SMPTE time code input). For example, a screen warping will allow you to do mapping directly from the program interface, and with SMPTE input you can synchronize videos with whatever you want.


  • Transition between clips
    You will be available to facilitate the transition automatically. It’s easy and fun to use transitions between clips in the new version just by setting the transition time using the layer slider and selecting the desired blending mode from the drop-down list.
  • Autopilot function
    You can play all the clips in the layer in sequence or in random order. This feature will be available from the Layer Properties panel and from the clip menu.
  • Clip effect
    Allows you to work with effects, as well as with ordinary clips. This means that you can switch between them using a keyboard or MIDI controller, use it together with the Autopilot function and automatically smooth the transition between them. This is a completely new way to work with effects that you should like.
  • Composting
    You can change the order of effects, masks, and transformations given. That is, it will be possible, for example, to scale a clip without scaling a mask, or to apply effects only to clips, without applying them to the mask.
  • MIDI output
    Finally, it is possible to force the buttons on the APC40 Akai to turn on or (which is even more fun) to control the up / down on Behringer BCF2000. 8-button dashboard for better MIDI control.
  • OSC output
    Resolume can control software or hardware through OSC output (or MIDI).
  • Reconnect the clip
    If you move media files to another place on your hard disk or even spread compositions and files on different computers, now you can easily determine the new location of the file for Resolume, and necessary corrections will be made to the composition.
  • Rendering engine faster
    Now you can use a higher resolution for videos. And finally, the Mac version of the program interface becomes faster and more responsive.
    Change playback speed and direction
    Now you can immediately change the speed or direction of playback of clips at once in all layers.
  • Screen deformation and video mapping
    In the output window, you can now combine your composition pieces in various ways and change them as you wish. This is an ideal tool for mapping various surfaces. The projection surface no longer has to be rectangular. You can change the shape of your video with a sophisticated Bezier transformation, adjust it to a curved screen.
  • Blurred borders
    The output window becomes more advanced, now blurring the boundaries for overlapping parts of the video. And it is even possible to make smooth panoramic (360 degree) projections.
  • SMPTE input
    With the help of SMPTE input you can synchronize your clips with anything. Lighting, lasers and even fireworks!

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