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SciLab 6.0.0 Alpha 1 (140 Mb) is pack to perform engineering and mathematical calculations, analogue of Matlab. An application of mathematical software provide robust open environment for engineering (technical) and scientific computing. Scilab includes hundreds of mathematical functions, and have the opportunity to add new, written in different languages ​​(C, C ++, Fortran …).

Also, there are a variety of data structures (lists, polynomials, rational functions, linear systems), an interpreter and a high-level language. Scilab has been designed as an open system, and users can add to the data types and operations by overloading.

This system provided a variety of tools:

  • 2D and 3D graphics, animation.
  • Linear algebra, sparse matrix (sparse matrix).
  • polynomial and rational functions.
  • interpolation and approaches.
  • Simulation: ODE solution and control.
  • Scicos: hybrid systems modeling and simulation of dynamic systems.
  • Difference and differential optimization.
  • Signal processing.
  • Parallel Operations.
  • Statistics.
  • Working with the spacecraft.
  • Interface for Fortran, Tcl / Tk, C, C ++, Java, LabVIEW.

Scilab is similar to the programming language MATLAB. Package includes a tool that allows you to convert documents into Matlab Scilab.

Scilab allows to work with a large number of elementary and special functions (Bessel, Neumann, integral function) has a powerful tool for working with matrices, polynomials (including symbolic), to produce a numerical computation (eg numerical integration) and for solving linear algebra, optimization and simulation, powerful statistical functions, as well as a means to build and work with charts.

For numerical calculations used library LAPACK, LINPACK, ODEPACK, Atlas and others.

This package also includes Scicos – tools for editing block diagrams and simulation (MATLAB Simulink package analog). There is the possibility of joint work Scilab program LabVIEW.
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