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Security Task Manager 2.3 (3.0 Mb) is a process manager that assesses the severity of each process that runs in the system and gives each of them a certain rank. At startup, the Security Task Manager performs a preliminary analysis of all running processes, monitors their startup types, examines the libraries and components used, and then, on the basis of information received, exposes each of those estimates, guided by which the user makes the decision right. The analysis takes into account various process functions, for example, how to record keyboard input, using Internet Explorer window, hide, and so on. Allows you to remove any process, not only from memory but also block its startup at the beginning of the next Windows. Many processes can read comments from other users, assigning them their own “threat rating” (or lack thereof). In addition to the hazard level, the program also displays each process in tabular form: its name, PID (numerical process identifier), CPU usage (including graphics) and memory, path to source file, file type (program, driver …) title and description , creator and program description. By selecting an interesting process from the list, you can see which parameters trigger the evaluation, as well as some data from tables and text obtained from the source file.

If you have any suspicions about a process, you can access the World Wide Web by selecting “In Google” from the context menu. After that, you will be transferred to the Security Task Manager start page, where you will find the most commonly encountered process and its description (unfortunately, only in English) or into a page with the search results of the process name in Google. If suspicion is confirmed, the process can be completed, quarantined or the original program removed. However, you need to remember that the Security Task Manager only shows the possible risks. This is also warned by the developers themselves, saying that high evaluation of some processes simply does not mean their danger to the system, “they only have some peculiar properties of spyware programs.” For example, you can provide a fairly secure utility, Punto Switcher (46 points) and Unlocker Assistant (as many as 89 points!). From the small “utility” it is possible to distinguish the search function of the process on the list, as well as the ability to add comments to the process and independently determine the level of harm. A table with all data can be printed directly from the program, or exported to txt or html format.
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