SmartSound SonicFire Pro 6.1.5 Full Version

SmartSound SonicFire Pro 6.1.5 (3.60 Mb) is allowing you to significantly speed up the assembly period and production period. You don’t need to “cut” the music. Simply select the desired track from the extensive SmartSound collection and set the desired duration of sound, after which Sonicfire® Pro 6 automatically creates the appropriate version of the track (including intro, main part, and end).

Main Features:


In order for the video series to produce the strongest impression, it must always match the range of sound. Sonicfire® Pro features a unique feature that helps you find music that is good in sound and rhythm that is perfect for videos. If the “asymmetrical” musical accompaniment reflects what is happening on the screen, our innovative synchronization control function will allow you to move individual bars in music so that the rhythm and duration of the music remain the same. As with other SmartSound functions, you don’t need initial knowledge.

  • Thoughtful tuning with perfect accuracy
    Apart from Sonicfire® Pro 6, there is no other software product in the world that allows each bit to be matched with the desired results. “Synchronized bits” will automatically “stick” to the beginning of the nearest clock when shifted. This unique patented feature allows you to always get harmonious sound output.
  • Advantages of time management
    In professional work with video sequences, it is important that changes in storylines or other transitions are distinguished, including with the help of musical accompaniment. The synchronization control feature applied at Sonicfire® Pro 6 makes it possible to drag and drop it to the desired place in the video sequence by clicking on the desired bit. The tap will automatically “stick” to the start of the closest beat, which will allow you to maintain the sound music structure.
    If, say, the theme of music that you like starts too slowly and develops too fast (as a result it doesn’t fit the visual range), you can easily change the nuances of individual music, making everything a perfect partner. Use the time control feature to adjust the sound sequence and overall track dynamics. Thanks to the new synchronization control feature, you can finally turn around real.


Customize SmartSound multi-level tracks to the smallest details for specific plot development. Mood Mapping allows you to work with several (up to 9) musical instruments on one track from the timeline.

  • Some Mood Mapping® bonus features
    Using key elements You will have the opportunity to take musical instruments for certain cases. The key element allows you to automatically create music “wallpaper.” In full accordance with the parameters specified, it is possible to choose the intensity, texture, emotional component.
    Mood Mapping® is a powerful software tool that allows you to adjust music to the rhythm and energy that changes from visual range. You can, for example, take more casual loss under dialogue, “speed up” in emotional places. You can increase the emotional intensity of certain fragments or plan for climax. As in the case of synchronization control, the Mood Mapping® SonicFire Pro function is unique, one of which, only with its help you can make music 100% consistent with what happens.


Each project is unique in terms of the length of the ideal individual music track. Many programs make it possible to adjust the duration of music in very limited frames (10s, 30s, 40s, 60s). Patented technology implemented in our software products, on the other hand, allows you to choose the duration individually. In each case, it may be an introduction to music, the main and final parts – all of this or according to the storyline, or with an increase of only one tenth of a second.

  • Default temporary string
    Sonicfire® Pro 6 combines timelines, search functions, and online stores on one screen. This will allow you to have complete control over all functions at any time. There are several options for how to shorten quickly or, conversely, extend the path directly to the temporary line. The easiest way is to just stretch or move the desired area with the mouse. Even in the process of making changes using the mouse, the patented SmartSound technology in the background automatically adjusts the tracks for the project, with the result that the output immediately produces perfect results.
  • Music and images are perfect for each other
    Use the Sonicfire® Pro 6 sound duration setting feature to make images and sounds fit perfectly. This will make the final results look really professional.
  • Real music from professional musicians
    You can save processing time significantly without having to compromise on quality. SmartSound is quality music created by professional musicians.
    Thanks to Sonicfire Pro 6, you will always have your own music editor in walking distance. If for some reason you cannot edit videos according to music, the SmartSound function will always help you. This will be enough with just a few clicks of the mouse to adjust the duration of the music fragments correctly under the entire video sequence.
    Sonicfire® Pro 6 allows you to work with unprecedented simplicity: just enter the desired track length through the keyboard, and within seconds you will receive complete music material of the desired length.


The ultimate goal of Sonicfire® Pro 6’s special features is always the same: the ability to find the right “music wallpaper” in the shortest possible time. Each track – based strictly on the duration you specify – can always be made in several different variations. This means that entries, main parts, losses and final parts can be exchanged, stretched or compressed without artificial boundaries.
Do you like the sound, but do you want to experiment with different versions of the track? No problem, just listen to the alternatives. Several track variants can be made including taking into account the duration of individual fragment sound changes. This will allow you not to think about unnecessary restrictions.

  • Music for videos of whatever duration you want.
    The pop-up menu allows you to immediately access all alternative variations (starting with a duration of four seconds). These alternatives will allow you to determine where the order of each part of the track must be placed, and how to make the whole sound ideally in accordance with the sequence of the video itself. Do you want to make the start more sensual? Then, just take alternative options where this moment is most felt.
    Alternatives, different from the main sound options have one big advantage: in combination with Sonicfire® Pro 6 Mood Mapping®, you have a truly invisible possibility. Make a large number of similar ones, but still different sound options are no longer a problem. You can choose the ideal option, “squeeze” the maximum from each track. This allows us to say safely that the SmartSound music collection is far wider and more complete than other analogs. All SmartSound tracks are always available at your first request and can be processed within the widest limits.
  • Use alternative settings
    You can choose “alternative options” with the help of the appropriate drop-down menu throughout the program. For most track capacity options, you usually have several options. Listen to all available options. After listening, select an option that matches the video dynamics.
    If you work using Mood Mapping® technology, you can add or, conversely, reduce the intensity and brightness of sound in one particular track throughout the song.


Often, different video episodes require separate studies of musical components. In this case, the function “Add File Hit” is as comfortable as possible. Sonicfire® Pro 6 initially contains various choices of “music atmosphere generators” for all occasions. The funny part for each File Hit is set at first, which allows you to automatically synchronize sound and video components.

  • File Hits help make your videos brighter
    The combination of additional music effects and music itself makes it possible to make the most striking results.
    Our function “Add File Hit” allows you to get direct access to this dramaturgic flawless technique, while getting consistent results that are ideally combined with the overall image.
  • Experiment with various File Hits
    Special key combinations will allow you to quickly see all available File Hits. Your scene will automatically be played 2 seconds before and after Hit File, allowing you to acoustically choose the best option.
  • Perfect placement
    The highlight of each File Hit is highlighted with a special yellow marker. This will help you to “stick” the climax to the right bits or separate video pieces.
  • Another interesting hit collection
    SmartSound offers a variety of hit collections. The first basic option is available free of charge at Sonicfire® Pro 6. Other hit collections can be downloaded here: You will be able to get direct access to the widest selection of sound effects and additional elements, allowing you to set “sound accents” in your video sequence. The contents of this collection are specifically designed to fully function with the “File Hit” function, which is part of Sonicfire® Pro 6. This is a direct way to find the perfect sound for each individual scene.

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