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Tor Browser Bundle 7.0.5 with size 50.97 Mb is if you have problems because of your IP address, such as: there is no way to download anything from the file sharing service, or you can not register with local IP somewhere … Tor Browser Bundle helps you. Tor Browser Bundle lets you use Tor on a Windows operating system without installing additional software. It can be used with a USB flash drive, comes with a pre-configured and independent Firefox web browser. The Tor software provides protection by directing your traffic through a distributed network of servers launched by volunteers from around the world: it does not allow monitoring of your Internet connection and get information about which sites you visit, but the site does not disclose information about your site. visited. location, and lets you visit a blocked site.

Once the Tor starts, the Firefox window will open automatically. Through Tor will only pass the visited web page using the Firefox browser included in the installation package. In another web browser, for example, Internet Explorer, the Tor action will not propagate. Before visiting any page, make sure the browser in the lower right corner says “Tor is on”. To reduce the risks, do not run Firefox standard when using Browser Bundle, and also close all previously opened windows from standard Firefox browsers before starting. After you finish using the Internet, close all open windows in Firefox. For security reasons, a list of web pages you visit and all cookies will be deleted. With Tor Browser Bundle, Vidalia and Tor will be automatically closed. Remember that Tor is anonymous to your traffic source and encrypts all traffic within the Tor network, but can not encrypt traffic between the Tor network and the destination address. If you provide valuable information, you should pay proper attention to security issues such as when using a standard Internet connection – use HTTPS or other highest authentication and encryption methods.
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