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Total Uninstall Professional (25.51 Mb) is an application that keeps track of any changes in the computer that occur while installing the program. Then, when uninstalling the program allows you to completely clean out unnecessary file systems, folders and registration keys in both manual and automatic mode. This program will make life easier for users who frequently reinstall software. The first step in a Total Uninstall job is to monitor changes in the system during a new software installation. Required snapshot of the file system and registry before the application installation and afterwards. In the future, based on data collected during the installation of data (images before and after installation), the utility will quickly and accurately help you remove programs you do not need. The Total Uninstall interface is understandable and no-frills, all the actions are organized through a step-by-step dialog and everything is pretty simple. Total Uninstall can recognize spyware, toolbars, and ads at an early stage and remove them immediately! This tool takes screenshots before and after installation and shows changes, if specified. Total Uninstall can also be used to register changes.

Main Features:

  • Appropriate analysis of existing installations and logging in installation modifications.
  • Monitor changes in the registry and file system in the new installation.
  • Complete removal, full analysis, and program tracking.
  • Show list of installed or tracked programs without delay, with related icons.
  • Sort by group, program installed or tracked.
  • Find programs to be deleted by keywords.
  • Summary and detailed information for each program installed or tracked.
  • Users configure the type of detection changes.
  • Displays the detail deletion log.
  • Strong search for detecting changes.
  • Autonomous and low resource notifications about running the installation program
  • Export registry changes for installation or deletion
  • Export a list of programs that are installed or tracked to a file
  • Export to file or printer, track changes

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