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TreeSize Professional size 50.90 Mb is a program that displays a tree located on the hard drive of the directory along with its size, allowing, if necessary, printing the result. It integrates into Windows Explorer by adding new columns. This program provides information about the number of files in the folder, the last access date, the file owner and more. In addition, it displays data in the form of visual graphs (diagrams), has a built-in search system and export / imports the results into XML files. Also lets you search for old, big, temporary and empty files. It supports command line mode-it’s convenient for scheduling and night walking. You can create scheduled scan tasks, configure them for testing on a particular path, and generate a series of reports according to the standard schedule. No matter how big your hard drive is, it will sooner or later become so damp that it looks too small. The TreeSize Professional program helps you determine where the free space goes. This program can be launched from the folder context menu or disk, and this will show how much he occupies this object and the directory it contains. The contents of each folder can be viewed in a window with the Explorer interface, where the number of files on disk or in separate folders and their size, last access date to them, NTFS compression level, etc. The program displays folders in a tree-like format along with its size and, if necessary, allows you to print the results on the printer for further study. All you need to do is select the disk you want to scan, after which the app will automatically check the folder structure. After completing the operation, you access seven different views of the disk (diagrams, tables, extensions, users, age files, 100 volumetric files and logs). The scanning results performed by TreeSize can be printed for further study or exported to Excel, HTML, XML or ASCII.

Main Features:

  • Visual tracking of hard disk usage and viewing the size of all folders and files
  • Print reports in Excel, HTML, XML, text files, etc.
  • File searching is fully customizable to find and archive large, old, unused, and temporary files
  • Search across multiple disks and the entire server
  • Find duplicate files, in addition, with MD5 checks
  • Statistics about file types and file owners at the directory level
  • Ability to save data to an XML file for download later
  • Support for Unicode names for files and folders
  • Extensions for Windows Explorer
  • View results when scanning
  • Enable and exclude certain files and folders during scanning
  • Print directory contents
  • Support for browsing context menu inside the program window

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