Voodooshield Pro 5.01 Full Version

Voodooshield Pro 5.01 (30.16 Mb) is an antivirus program trying to block more than 15,000 new viruses per day. Antivirus companies cannot follow all new viruses. VoodooShield will block all executable code (including viruses), except for software that you allow. Most viruses attack through a web browser. VoodooShield uses a proactive, proactive approach to virus protection. When used correctly, VoodooShield effectively blocks ALL emails and browser viruses and malware. VoodooShield is very fast and easy.

How VoodooShield Works:

  • Disable Protection – VoodooShield will be OFF. This mode is similar to the learning mode with one exception – new objects will not be added to the white list. Thus, this mode is used when installing a new program, when it is not necessary for the installer to be automatically added to the exception list. In Disable Protection mode, the computer remains unprotected.
  • Training (Training Mode) – VoodooShield will be OFF. Training mode is usually used after installing VoodooShield and launching a new program. VoodooShield protection will be disabled, and new objects launched will be added to the whitelist, and therefore will not be blocked when the security mechanism is activated. In Training mode, the computer remains unprotected.
  • AutoPilot / Antivirus mode (Autopilot / Antivirus Mode) – VoodooShield will be in SCAN (Active Check) status. In autopilot mode, automatic protection is activated, which allows the launch of clean files according to the cloud scanning service using 57 anti-virus engines. If an unknown process triggers one or more anti-virus engine responses, then VoodooShield blocks the execution and asks the user to choose further actions – to allow execution or blocking. Autopilot mode is an excellent choice for users who want to get all the benefits of the white list method, but at the same time don’t want to deal with a lot of requests. This mode is actively used by gamers and testers.
  • Smart / Default (Smart Mode / Default) – VoodooShield will switch between ON and OFF status. Smart mode allows you to automatically enable or disable VoodooShield protection depending on potentially dangerous activities, in particular, launching browsers, for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox, working with Microsoft Outllook e-mail, etc. So, when applications running on the Internet are running, VoodooShield automatically turns on and blocks the computer. Launching a whitelisted application is allowed, but other executable files are blocked.
    Likewise, if the browser and other Internet applications are not running, VoodooShield automatically deactivates protection and can automatically whitelist when the computer is secure. This automatic protection activity transfer technology significantly reduces the number of user requests you need to respond to.
  • Always ON – VoodooShield will be ON. Always ACTIVE mode is usually used after a few days or weeks since the product is installed, when the white list can be considered complete and complete. However, many users prefer to use the AutoPilot mode and Smart mode at any time.

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