Wise Folder Hider Pro 4.2.3 Build 158 Full + Activator


Wise Folder Hider Pro 4.2.3 Build 158 (2.67 Mb) is hiding files and folders on local or removable drives. The files will be securely hidden based on advanced encryption algorithms. You can protect them with a password so that the hidden data becomes visible and can only be accessed after its introduction. This data will not be available for other programs and operating systems, which will make it safely protected. Compared to other programs to hide folders, Wise Folder Hider Pro is the most secure and convenient way to change protected files. In addition, the program has an intuitive interface that will help to work easily even for beginners. There are many ways to protect information from unauthorized access, but Wise Folder Hider offers one of the most effective options. This utility will make the selected file completely invisible to outsiders. This approach has several advantages over other traditional methods. Outsiders will not guess about existence on disk secret files, and therefore, they will not try to hack or copy them. Unseen files will also be insured reliably against accidental or intentional deletion.

The application interface is simple and convenient. To hide documents, images or other files, the user simply drags them to the Wise Folder Hider interface using the mouse cursor. Thus, users will be able to hide separate objects and entire folders with confidential files. Files and folders marked by the user will remain in hidden state until the user personally opens them. As an additional level of protection, you can use strong passwords, which exclude the possibility of accessing hidden files during your absence. With Wise Folder Hider, you can also prevent unauthorized access to portable USB devices connected to your computer. This function works like the protection mechanisms mentioned above. After activation, the marked drive becomes completely invisible to outsiders. Wise Folder Hider supports its own account, separate from Windows accounts. This means that some users can simultaneously work with tools (even logging into systems under one “account”).

Advanced Encryption Algorithm Protects Your Private Data from Priers

  • Wise Folder Hider Pro adopts advanced encryption algorithm, providing much more enhanced security than the free version for files and folders on your Windows PC. Wise Folder Hider Pro defends your private files from being found/read by a third-party tool.
  • Second Password Makes Your Hidden Files & Folders Double Secure
    Wise Folder Hider Pro offers users an optional higher level of security. Users can set a second password for each of the files and folders hidden by Wise Folder Hider Pro. For those who have some real confidential files, they can rest assured knowing that their hidden files are double secured.
  • More Secure and Convenient to Modify protected files:
    Different from other folder hiders, when it comes to modifying a hidden file or folder, users don’t have to unhide it, edit it, and then hide it again. A single click of the ‘Open’ button will open the hidden file or folder, so it becomes visible to you. Then you can edit or modify it like it has been unhidden. When you are done editing, close the program and the file or folder will become hidden again automatically, saving you extra steps. This amazing feature comes in handy when you hide some files that you use or edit frequently.

Context Menu Option & Super User-friendly Interface

  • The interface of Wise Folder Hider Pro is very intuitive. Even a first timer can get the hang of it in a minute. Better yet, while installing this program, an item called ‘Hide File/Folder with Wise Folder Hider’ is automatically added to the context menu. Users can hide files or folders by right-clicking them without launching Wise Folder Hider Pro.

Low System Resource Consumption & High Compatibility

  • Wise Folder Hider Pro takes up a very low quantity of system resources (which is barely noticeable). It allows you to hide files or folders (64 and 32-bit) in your Windows system. It has been developed and fully tested to work great on Windows 8&8.1 and other Windows operating systems, from Windows XP and up. No matter what you own – a desktop or a laptop.

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