3DCoat 2022.55 Full + Patch

3DCoat 2022.55

3DCoat 2022.55 is a commercial computer program for modeling various organic objects and coarse low poly 3D models; provides a variety of tools that allow users to sculpt by adding topologies, creating UV maps, texturing model surfaces interactively, rendering static scenes, and animating models in circles.

Main Features:

  • Voxel Sculpting technology, which allows you to start modeling without thinking about topology
  • This program has very good integration with Adobe Photoshop, very helpful in the texturing process
  • The program allows you to separate textures into layers, which makes it easier to apply effects
  • Support for control using the 3D Connexion 3D manipulator
  • Layers contain depth, color and mirroring. You can disable or enable any of these channels and apply effects to them – displacement, transparency, contrast, depth animation, etc .
  • It is possible to paint via UVs as easily as on a 3D model. Most tools can do this
  • Each pen has multiple channels – color, depth, mirror and grater
  • It is possible to fill areas with gradient fills and spheres
  • Filters for image correction and results preview in 3D
  • It is possible to overlay text on the surface. Text is along the spline, you can even write text around the entire object
  • You can draw not only with a brush, but also with a contour, rectangle or ellipse
  • Ability to render with anti-aliasing, global illumination adjustment, depth of field and soft shadows. Gradient fills, images can be used as customizable scene backgrounds.

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