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Acronis Snap Deploy 5.0.1656 (767 Mb) is spreading exact disk image of a generic computer to multiple systems simultaneously through multicast, which makes it very easy for quick installation of basic software servers and personal computers. The task of deploying software or a new configuration system across the network of educational institutions, private companies or government agencies can be a complicated and labor intensive. However, thanks to a comprehensive solution and user-friendly Acronis, now you can quickly and easily deploy or restore all your laptops, desktops and servers, while achieving significant cost savings. This is possible with Acronis Snap Deploy! Using proven technologies create images from Acronis, Acronis Snap Deploy creates the exact disk image of a standard configuration you choose, including the operating system, configuration files and applications. Then simultaneously deploy that image to multiple systems, making it an ideal solution for quick installation on the “bare metal” for servers and PCs.

Main Features:

  • Strong control
    From a single administrative console, you can deploy a master image, including the operating system and applications on multiple PCs or servers on the network simultaneously using multicast or unicast. Fast and easy!
  • Flexible deployment options
    Spreading on their own terms. Acronis Snap Deploy provides many features, including the spread manually, automatically, on command or scheduled. In addition, the technology Wake-on-LAN helps to automatically load the engine is off. Finally, standalone deployment allows to deploy an image, even if the network is down.
  • The flexibility of the equipment
    If you need to deploy your image to PCs with different hardware architectures, it will not cause problems. The solution ensures that your new system is loaded correctly, even if they run on different hardware.
  • Completion of individuals after deployment
    After you complete the deployment, Acronis Snap Deploy allows you to easily change the Windows system settings, such as computer name, IP configuration or SID identifier, to offer their end users the optimal settings of the work environment and provide a unique name on your network.
  • Individual configurations for the engine
    You can set individual settings for each PC or server so that each machine must adapt the configuration. The new list engine allows you to track the progress and status of all deployment operations, and to monitor the preparation of a configuration for a new car, identified by MAC-address.
  • Downloaded on its own terms
    Ready for deployment, you can load your car with a customized boot media, such as CD, DVD, flash drive, or by using Acronis PXE Server to boot over the network. Acronis Snap Deploy allows you to choose a platform for bootable media or Linux, or WinPE. Additionally, you can add the necessary drivers to bootable media based on WinPE, to ensure compatibility with new equipment

Deployment options:

  • Deploy user commands. It allows users to spread the image of themselves on their system.
  • Deployment schedule. Distribute or updating the master image from the specified time. This is very useful when you need to reinstall the image on the machine for a predetermined period rigidly service, for example, at night or on weekends.
  • Manual or automatic deployment. You can start it manually or run automatically when a certain number of machines ready.
  • Stand-alone deployment. This allows you to easily reconfigure the system, which is not connected to your network.

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