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Adguard 6.0 Build (11.23 Mb) is a program to block ads, part of a three antibanner world with the extension of Adblock and Adblock Plus. However Adguard not limited to the removal of superficial banner – is a universal program, which contains all the functions required for the most convenient use of the Internet. For example, a warning or blocking of phishing and other online threats, obscene materials screening and protection of your personal data on the Internet.

The program includes three main modules: Antibanner, Phishing and Parental Control.

Antibanner completely remove all advertising elements on web pages. Block video ads, pop-up windows, remove ads, banners and other promotional materials. This filtering occurs before the download site in the browser, which means:

  1. any advertising
  2. traffic savings / money
  3. reduction of the loading time of the website.

Antitreking – is the protection of the observer of your surfing history. Adguard with advertising networks and counters will not be able to track your searches and sites visited and use that data for personal gain. Although no Adguard they have a fairly complete picture of your sex, age and area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest.

Antiphishing protects you from websites that contain malicious code, as well as websites of internet fraud. This program actually reduces the likelihood of infection by a computer virus. Adguard use the blacklist, with millions of malicious sites. Antiphishing module URL-address processing in real-time – comparing them to the domain of the site in its database. And thanks to the optimization of the process – the verification carried out fractions of a second. This feature distinguishes Adguard of the main contenders – Adblock and Adblock Plus.

Parental Control allows you to protect your children from callers and obscene materials and adult sites, which generally ensure the safety of children online. Parents can be absolutely quiet, because they do not see the child pornographic content on the Internet. Incidentally, this feature is no longer available popular ad blockers like Adblock and Adblock Plus.

Why Adguard?

  1. Works in all major browsers
  2. Designed to block all types of ads
  3. Easy to use, silently block ads in the background
  4. Warning danger when you go to suspicious websites
  5. Block all tracking mechanisms and protect your personal data
  6. Protect your children on the Internet, blocking access to the site “adult”
  7. Have a module (Assistant Adguard) to administer the program directly from your browser
  8. Work “out of the box” without requiring additional configuration
  9. Accelerate Internet. Without tons of banner pages open faster
  10. Save your traffic. Ads are removed even before loading the page in the browser, and then open the page clean and extra traffic is not spent on screen banners
  11. enable advanced configuration: add your custom scripts (userscripts).

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