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Adobe AIR (10.26 Mb) is a platform-independent environment for zauska application allows you to use HTML / CSS, Ajax, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex to transfer the web to the desktop software. Adobe AIR includes the ability to create installation packages that can be installed on the user’s computer. Applications written using AIR, can run on multiple platforms, which Adobe and its partners provide a runtime environment, namely: Microsoft Windows NT (XP, Vista, Win7 and 8/10)

Adobe AIR now include support for the mobile version Stage3D technology was introduced in October last year for desktop applications and are now used in graphic-rich projects such as Spaced Away or ApexVJ.

Adobe AIR applications can operate without being connected to the Internet, and send the data collected in the process at the time of connection. Today AIR supports multiple applications for the desktop, including video players, enterprise applications, games and tools to increase productivity.


  • Taking advantage of working in a visual environment that is coherent and flexible for application development across platforms and devices, such as TVs, smartphones, smartbooks, tablets, netbooks and desktop computers.
  • Improving the efficiency of the development process by reusing code and using an intuitive visual environment for a variety of platforms.
  • Create a consistent and dynamic interactive applications with mnogoekrannosti support.
  • Ease of operation.
    Adobe AIR enables you to work with Web applications without using a browser. To run AIR applications on the desktop computer or device, browser web presence is not required, so you can enjoy all the benefits of working with the original application.
  • Efficiency.
    Many companies, for example, the NASDAQ and * AOL *, using Adobe AIR, to create powerful applications to provide services directly to the user’s desktop.
  • Easy to install.
    Adobe AIR installation is very simple. Perhaps you already do the installation. If not, you can do it automatically when the load on the basis of AIR applications *. Let me run the installation, additional steps are required. You can create Adobe AIR installation manual if necessary.
  • Security.
    Pay attention to safety precautions when working on the Internet. Adobe AIR helps ensure plant safety by requiring digital signatures on each AIR application. With their help, before starting the installation will be identification and application developers.

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