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Adobe Photoshop 2022 23.5.0

Adobe Photoshop 2022 is a program for the world’s best design and imagery, Photoshop will bring your ideas to life. Create and enhance 3D photos, illustrations and graphics. Website and mobile app design. Edit videos, simulate live images, and more. Now you have everything you need to make any idea a reality.

Main Features:

  • Improved brush management. Change the brush order and keep them in a convenient order. Using drag and drop, you can rearrange elements, create folders (including subfolders), scale brushstroke previews, switch between view modes, and save pre-made brush sets with defined opacity, intensity, blending, and color properties. .
  • Improved performance when working with brushes. Don’t waste your time with brush delays. You will now notice a significant performance increase, especially when working with large documents and large brushes.
  • Access to Lightroom photos. Download photos from Lightroom Cloud directly into Photoshop using the search function or from the home screen. Tighter integration across all Creative Cloud desktop and mobile photo apps lets you sync all your photos and access them from any device.
  • Smooth brush strokes. A new anti-aliasing algorithm gives images a more professional look. Change the amount of anti-aliasing to get sharper lines, even when using the mouse. This feature is available in the Tool Options pane next to the Intensity and Opacity settings.
  • Variable fonts. With new font technologies from Adobe, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, you can create variants of each supported font with different weights, heights, slopes, and more.
  • “Quick Access” menu. Send a flattened copy or link to your work via email, text message, social media, and more. This feature uses OS delivery mechanisms, including authenticated services.
  • Curvature Pen Tool. Faster, more intuitive and more accurate path creation. Move segments directly without changing the Bezier handles, like with Illustrator’s Curvature tool. Double-clicking is enough to switch between point types.
  • Improved contours. Improved contours. Choose a line color and thickness to make it more visible.
    Copy and paste layers. Copy and paste the layers in groups, maintaining their order and position. Now you don’t have to change the order of layers by dragging. Copy the layer to the clipboard and paste it wherever you want in the panel, in the document, or between Photoshop documents.
  • Improved hints. Learn more about Photoshop tools without leaving the app. With better tooltips appearing when you hover your mouse over, you can see a description of the tool.
    Work with 360 degree panoramas. Edit and export 360 degree panoramas. Photoshop retains important metadata for third-party viewers. You can move around the image, zooming in and out of the spherical workspace for a realistic preview.
  • Improvements to the Properties panel. Get more detailed information about assets in Adobe Stock, including title and license status. Browse images and find similar ones on the Adobe Stock site. Edit the font properties for multiple selected layers at the same time, change the prefix, and more.
  • Support for Microsoft Dial. Built-in support for Microsoft Dial lets you quickly access important controls without using a mouse. Manage brush options including size, hardness, opacity, intensity, and anti-aliasing.
  • Insert text without formatting. Now you can paste text without applying styles. No more wasting time reformatting text after pasting.
  • HEIF support. Photoshop now supports the High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format introduced by Apple in macOS 10.13 and iOS 11.0. Using the depth data provided by the iPhone 7 Plus and later devices, you can create a depth of field effect with the Lens Blur filter.
  • Improved “Select and cover” function. Improved algorithms and higher performance produce more accurate and realistic results, especially when the background color is close to the image color. Other UI and usability improvements include faster Quick Masks and easier customization of view modes.
  • General performance improvements. Core architectural improvements have made Photoshop faster and more flexible, so you can get your everyday work done in less time. Get up and running faster with faster downloads.
  • And much more. Additional: Improved performance and stability, faster large file storage, improved face detection for Face Aware Liquify, improved Content Aware Crop and Content Aware Fill.

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