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Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a strong competitor of Photoshop, it supports as many PSD as possible, and common raster formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, EPS, PDF and SVG. Work with RAW files from popular digital cameras, as well as support for all common color spaces – RGB, CMYK, LAB and Greyscale, there is the possibility of ICC management and support for 16 bits per channel.

Main Features:

  • Implement full support for Affinity Designer, and vice versa. Vector objects can easily be embedded in photo editor projects.
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts similar to the Adobe package. Therefore, all hotkeys are exactly what you would expect.
  • The Narrow Selection function allows you to enhance the selection of complex objects, works very smartly, and is often helpful.
  • Brush – For painting, Affinity Photo integrates a powerful brush engine that supports Force Touch and similar technologies from Wacom and other graphics tablet manufacturers.
  • Speed of work – the program’s speed inspires respect, all changes occur very quickly, and zooming and navigating through images is carried out at 60 frames per second, even on complex images with hundreds of layers.
  • Work with layers – almost all Photoshop features are implemented in Affinity Photo: layer masks, adjustment layers, layers with special effects and styles – everything is there and at the same time works almost lightning fast. Separately, it is worth noting the layers that allow you to apply filters, this is a very convenient way to edit pictures without spoiling.
  • Support for formats – the developers took care of the professionals – Affinity Photo supports as many PSDs as possible, and the common raster formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, EPS, PDF and SVG. The program also works with popular digital camera RAW files. Supports all common color spaces – RGB, CMYK, LAB and Greyscale, has ICC management capabilities and supports 16 bits per channel. Basic tools – the program interface is traditional and requires practically no getting used to. The main feature of this application is the so-called “People” (Photos, Liquify, Develop, Export). They are designed to quickly switch between different operating modes, each of which offers its own set of tools and panels:
  • Photos – the main people. The interface here is as close as possible to a “typical” graphics package. On the left is the toolbar, of which there are a lot in the program, almost everything that is familiar from Photoshop, so you don’t have to “miss” the lack of tools. On the right is the settings panel: history, layers, histogram and more. They can be separated and rearranged as desired.
  • Liquify – persona for geometric distortion of images. It will become an indispensable assistant for portrait retouchers who want to correct some details of a face or figure. Also, “to page” they will have dodge, burn, clone, patch, stain and all other correction methods.
  • Develop – a persona designed to manipulate RAW files, has almost all the basic tools needed to work with digital negatives. Of course, Lightroom is still way ahead in terms of smarts, but its tight integration into the overall package is something Adobe should have learned from Serif.
  • Export – the last of the four, which will help you cut your project into the desired parts and easily export it in different formats, with different resolutions and pixel densities.

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