Altium Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 Full + Serial Key


Altium Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 with size 3.35 GB is an integrated system design of electronic devices for high-speed based on printed circuit boards, which allows developers to create projects, from concept and VHDL-description of the FPGA, to carry out simulation derived schemes and VHDL-code, prepare files for production, and the concept of Live design, so-called living design, allows you to complete the project on-board debugging Nanoboard.

Altium Designer is a software package for CAD PCB, FPGA and integrated software and associated library and release management automation finished printed circuit board. Developed and marketed by Altium Limited (Australia).

Schematic capture module provides electronics circuit editing functionality, including:

  • Component library management
  • edit documents Driving (placement component installation and connection definition design level)
  • Integration with many well-known manufacturers of electronic components allows you to search and access components for manufacturers
  • Driving simulation of mixed-signal SPICE
  • Preparation signal layout. Integrity analysis, export netlist.
  • Reporting and objects bomb.
  • Multi-channel, hierarchical schemes, and reuse of design
  • Print board module design – the designer.

Altium allows you to:

  • Component trace library
  • Component Placement
  • Manage trace routing With the support of the differential pair, some trace routing, pin exchange and replacement
  • Automatic Routing trail
  • Automatic layout and routing of multi-line
  • Interactive 3D editing, MCAD and export STEP
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Creating a Performance file with support for Gerber and ODB + + format.

FPGA development tools are integrated into Altium Designer, provides the following features:

  • FPGA design, PCB and synchronization signal integrity
  • VHDL simulation and debugging
  • processor FPGA development tools easily (compiler, debugger, profiler) for several integrated processor

For the first time this principle is applied in the Altium Designer system. You can also note the following benefits:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface of the system: the settings according to the requirements of specific users, and use the menu commands in Russian and a number of key “hot” makes it possible to learn how to effectively work with the program in less than two weeks
  • the possibility of collective work on the project
  • Support for compatibility with a lot of old and modern popular RES CAD (ECAD) and mechanical CAD (MCAD)
    all actions performed manually by the user, can be described with the help of macros and executed automatically, opening up numerous opportunities for automation of routine operations and the process of creating the schematic PCB design
  • the program has a set of documentation in Russian, the guidelines specifically designed for beginners. Basic training program will last for five days and allows the user to develop the right skills to work in this system
  • software and hardware to create the most modern distribution zone at a value small enough.

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