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Ambient Design ArtRage 4.5.2 with size 139 Mb is unusual editing software that allows you to realistically simulate the images on plain paper, the usual tools. With the agreement is closest to, Corel Painter, it is true, of significant competition they spoke too soon. Nevertheless, the work (images) using ArtRage important tool. The most interesting in ArtRage -. “Spatula” amazing drawing tools, especially the “oil paint” and for all their simplicity (though the draw with a tablet is not completely intuitive), the result of working with them perfectly! And indeed, with the acquisition of certain skills it is possible to achieve remarkable verisimilitude by mixing and grinding the color and texture change “colorful mass.” In addition, developers have enriched digital tool shed on some of the original “art instrument” – roller, tube and Glitter. The last name can be translated as “glitter”, but the meaning is the powder of the most colorful, consisting of particles of different shapes.

It should be noted that not only edit, and certainly not in any case image processing program (though, of course, under certain skills you can customize and paint “red eye”, and similar tasks). First of all, the package for a painting intended to provide realistic results using the method of drawing on the canvas with different tools, such as pens, pencils and crayons. In general, art- Anger Program – a very complicated and, frankly, really did not need to comment. Anyone who dares to download and try this product, it is easy to sort out his work without the spies in a magazine and studying the screenshot. For starters there is the function of loading the background image and then draw on it. This program can be recommended not only for adult users, but also to teach children the basics of drawing on the computer.

Main Features:

  • Only art tools
  • support plate, angle, pressure
  • You can put a pattern and draw in the paint
  • determine the scope, transparency
  • coating and operations on them
  • metallic paint (included under the color palette)
  • a selection of built-in palette
  • like children, and easily mastered by them, intuitive and easy interface

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