AOMEI Backupper Professional / Technician / Technician Plus / Server 5.1.0 Full + Serial Key

AOMEI Backupper Professional / Technician / Technician Plus / Server 5.1.0 (112 Mb) is a program for backing up or restoring systems, as well as the disks and partitions you need. Please note that this program works with Microsoft VSS technology, which allows you to make uninterrupted backups to your computer. This application works well with all storage devices for your information, including external drives, can work with MBR and GPT, whose capacity is more than 2 TB. AOMEI Backup easily installs the image you selected as a virtual disk. In addition, it will be easy to restore the data you need or just make a boot disk, so if you are worried about failure, you should create this type of media.

Main Function:

  • System backup: With one click we make backup copies of all disk data, including system files and installed applications, without interrupting system startup.
  • Back up to disk: Back up your hard drive, including MBR disks, GPT drives, external hard drives, USB drives, and other storage devices that can be connected.
  • Partitions and volumes from backup: If you only want to back up partitions or volumes, not entire disks, the function will be your best choice. With its help, you can make backup copies of one or more partitions / volumes (including dynamic volumes) to files.
  • System Restore: easily and quickly restore the system partition and provide the system bootloader after the recovery process is complete.
  • Disk and Partition Recovery: Automatically restores all hard disks, partitions or dynamic volumes to their original state.
  • Selective file recovery: Selectively restores individual files and folders from backup image files without restoring the entire backup.
  • Disk clone: ​​Directly copy one hard drive to another without creating image files. This program allows you to resize partitions during this cloning process, and also supports cloning small disks into larger disks, as well as copies of traditional hard disks to solid state drives.
  • Partition and Clone Volumes: Duplicate partitions or dynamic volumes directly and accurately transfer them to another partition or volume.
  • Optional and differential backups: Based on full backups, this software supports incremental or differential backups to use less time and save disk space.
  • Using encryption and compression: You can set a password for each backup to prevent unauthorized access. While the copying process is in progress, determine the algorithm for compressing files to take up less disk space.
  • Image File Checker and Research: checks data integrity of image files to ensure backup can be restored successfully. Put the image file on a virtual partition so that you can see the backup content in Windows Explorer.
  • Comment backup and Split backup: Add comments to the backup so that the backup can be further defined and refined. You know the exact type of copy or what it contains. Dividing backup can divide the backup image file into an appropriate size to fit the media.
  • Create bootable discs: You can create bootable media (such as CDs or USB drives) to restore a system drive. This is useful for conditions where Windows does not boot.

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