ArchiCAD 25 Build 5010 Full + Crack

ArchiCAD 25 Build 5010

ArchiCAD 25 Build 5010 is a powerful modeling application that allows architects to design buildings more efficiently using Virtual Building technology. ArchiCAD allows architects to focus on the design itself, doing this work alone or in teams, while exchanging data with consultants and specialists in other fields.

Main Features:

  • Default Anchor Point. Simplify your coordination process with Archicad 25’s built-in Anchor Points. Anchor Points make it easy to map models to real-world coordinates when interacting with Open BIM. Anchor Points can be used when exchanging IFC and BCF files, as well as when working with common file formats such as DWG.
  • Easy migration from Revit to Archicad. The RFA and RVT geometry swap features allow you to reuse project files when migrating from Revit to Archicad. This extension is now native to Archicad 25 and supports Autodesk Revit 2021 files.
  • Improved interaction with engineers using Revit MEP. Archicad now supports Revit files up to version 2021. RFA files can be imported as Archicad Objects and MEP tools can be created from Revit Families files. 3D models can be exported as Revit 3D geometries and linked to RVT 3D models. Archicad’s support for Revit Discipline Filters allows Archicad to display linked RVT files exactly as they appear in Revit.
  • Improved Solibri connection extension. Solibri is the leading design standards and compliance verification app. The free Archicad-Solibri Connection extension will help you save time and reduce the risk of potential errors. Now you can select elements in Solibri and display them directly in Archicad with the same view and camera position settings.
  • Automatic mapping of exported Factory Profiles. Save time and effort when sharing files with design engineers. By exporting structural elements in SAF format, Archicad 25 can automatically map them to Factory Profiles stored in preconfigured or custom databases.
  • Adjustment Rules Improvements. Adjustment rules allow the design engineer not to manually adjust the component connections of the analytical model. Several analytical modeling features have been improved in Archicad 25 (such as Offset Adjustment, Span Span, Trimming Overlapping Plate Parts, and creation of Structural Supports).
  • Support for Structural Loads. Interact with design engineers without losing any data. In Archicad 25, you can view and configure Structural Loads for Analytical Model Components. This data is completely transferred in SAF format during the integrated design process.
  • New furniture for personal and commercial interiors. The Archicad library of over 1,300 items has been expanded with 39 new modern furnishings and decor, including beds, hangers, curtains, tables, chairs, mattresses and BBQ grills.
  • Quick navigation between 2D and 3D views. Are you working in 3D and want to edit some elements of the floor plan? Nothing is easier. After selecting an element, simply use the context menu commands to quickly display and select the desired element in 2D.
  • Polygonal Holes and MEP Callouts. Support for polygonal holes not only expands modeling possibilities, but also improves bill accuracy and automatically generated specifications. Now you can drill holes for the utility grid elements.
  • Direct interaction with Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. Import and export Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 files to take advantage of the power of powerful freeform modeling tools, then turn to Archicad to continue design and documentation development.
  • A new way of calculating the geometry of stairs according to Chord. Emergency ladder lines can now be set according to different standards. In addition to pre-existing geometry calculations by Arc, a new option has emerged that calculates geometry by Chord.
  • New option for roller ladder location. You can now use Pivot Point – Asymmetric Steps for scrolling steps. Create and edit any ladder quickly and easily.
  • A new way to manage landings. Now the additional length of the landing can be evenly distributed from the start or from the end of the landing. This is especially useful if you need to change the geometry of a previously created staircase.
  • The appearance of the covering texture in the projection of the cut and the facade. Bring your project presentation to life and make it more realistic with the ability to display layer textures applied in section and elevation projections.
  • Realistic soft shadows and hatched surface textures. The new mechanism for casting realistic soft shadows on textures enhances the attractiveness of graphic presentations and allows you to better highlight project details, because it’s no secret that a good presentation of ideas and solutions can speed up their approval by customers.
  • New Graphic Replacement Option
  • New controls in the Graphics Replacement Rules dialog allow you to apply RGB colors instead of pens to color elements in 3D windows and in 2D projections. You can set the scope transparency and control the appearance of the element outline in Model View.
  • New info for MEP elements. For all MEP elements, you can apply new Callouts that contain data about element parts, engineering systems, and other information.

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