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ArtMoney Pro 7.43.1 with size 3.72 Mb is a program designed to edit the parameter in computer games, unlimited money, lives, ammunition, etc. It can scan memory or game files to search for some specific values ​​(money, resources, etc.). Such values ​​can be many and we must select them so the search is divided into two phases – search values ​​and sorting values ​​unnecessary. As a result, we get an address, the numbers, and they can be adapted to.

Special techniques allow to deceive even the games where there is no visible numeric values ​​(such as a graphical bar life) or games that encode their data. ArtMoney does not work in multiplayer mode (ie, man against man), because money can be duplicated on multiple computers, and changing money on one (you) do not lead to success, although there are exceptions.

Main Advantage of PRO:

  • As an object, you can select the folder or disk. You can search for any value in your game. As well as texts and values ​​on the selected disk or folder.
  • Additional conditions when searching or filtering. For example, using conditions (not the same), you can get rid of all non-zero value, thus reducing the total search time.
  • Search string. A string that, for example, the name of a character or a city game, weapons or spells, as well as play script (if the game is based on the script).
  • Filter by formula. Using the formula we can find anything, any encoded value!
  • Saving and loading process. It can be used to save games, in which it is not provided. Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Restrictions: You can not restart the process. For big game that is only valid within the same level. Although it does not work on all games. We will work hard to improve.
  • Stealth mode. When installing a tick “Hide your process”, ArtMoney disappears from the process list. Requirements: Windows NT4 / 2000 / XP / 2003. This is useful if the game detects ArtMoney and shut down by mistake or closes ArtMoney.
  • At the beginning of this program not be “On”.
  • Full technical support via e-mail.

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