aSc TimeTables 2017 6.10 Full + Patch


aSc TimeTables 2017 6.10 (38.16 Mb) is a program that gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily create a schedule with classes and teachers. Make a full school schedule can be very difficult, especially if you are dealing with various classes and groups of teachers, or even if the class is divided into teaching from different materials.

The program can create a separate configuration of classrooms and teachers, let you know if there is an opportunity to put math at certain hours, or for example, whether a particular teacher is free in the morning on Tuesday. Once you enter your information, schedule a few minutes it produces a complete schedule. The program is to share lessons throughout the week, watching the full and separate classes, lessons and assign classrooms where they are allocated a place.

Schedules can also keep track of the intervention, and help you avoid common mistakes, which allows you to make manual changes, but be warned, if you make a mistake. This program takes care of everything, and add Ā«ASC substitutionĀ», so you will be ready to handle everyday tasks such as managing substitutions, generate monthly and annual reports absences, and manage representatives in accordance with the type of substitution.

Main Features:

  • Automatically schedule
    Let your computer do all the work for you
  • manual settings
    Create a program schedule can be changed manually
  • Check your schedule
    Algorithm program to check the schedule and report any difference, does not meet the conditions
  • simple data entry
    Enter the initial data is very simple and fast
  • Schedule on your phone
    You can publish a schedule on the internet and make it accessible to smart phones or tablet computers
  • import data
    You probably already have most of the data needed to schedule in electronic format (a list of teachers, classrooms, classes, objects) – they can only be imported into the program
  • school building
    The ASC Program Schedule, you can specify that the classes are held in various buildings and to optimize the transfer of teachers between buildings
  • fully customizable
    The program can be tailored to the specific needs of each institution
  • ASC Substitution
    useful software module that allows you to schedule replacement of teachers, print it out and send a message about the schedule change. At the same time substitution may enter more than one user.
  • server EduPage
    Schedules ASC web server using the Internet, you can quickly build an attractive site of the institution and the program touches ASC Schedule includes schedules, substitution, to publish other relevant information
  • Configurable for various educational institutions
    ASC schedule in almost all countries in the world, it is designed in order to meet the needs of different schools
  • aSc TimeTables online
    This program module, which allows you to create a website and publish schedule online school
  • electronic diary
    Using a set schedule, and you can start using the electronic diary. Teachers can connect to, enter the curriculum, attendance, and much more

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