Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.3.0 Full + Patch

Ashampoo Photo Commander

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.3.0 is a complete solution for viewing, editing and organizing your photos. Organize your collection, optimize multiple images at once, and easily create calendars, photos and even entire slideshows. Beginner, seasoned user, or professional photographer – amazing results are just a few clicks away.

Main Features:

  • Automatic photo enhancement
    The built-in auto-correction function can turn even dreadful shots into great holiday memories by instantly removing scratches, digital noise or red eye! Many automatic features take up most of the work, and built-in batch processing can enhance all your photos at once.
  • Create collages, calendars and photo cards
    Use lots of ready-made templates to make photo cards with ease, or develop your love of details and create your own calendar. Even impressive collages are no longer a problem! Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 offers you a variety of options to make your ideas come true!
  • Create a slideshow
    Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 makes slideshows in the highest 4K resolution! New transitions allow you to create more beautiful and attractive curtains, while the expansion of the supported audio formats allows you to enrich the background sound. The finished series can be viewed instantly in real time thanks to the new playback panel.
  • Show your photos with style
    Whether you’re enjoying photos by yourself or with friends, you’ll love the new presentation mode. Use your main screen to control the process, and your second screen to show a presentation with your photos. Great for overhead projection – transform your photos in real time without leaving the presentation.
  • Define, use and edit geotags
    Modern cameras and cell phones use geotagging to save the location of each shot. Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 can add and edit this information and also use it to sort photos. The program can even use this data to determine the country, city and street of each shot! Navigate your vacation through the steps on the map from the start to the comfort of your home!
  • Crop and edit photos
    Crop the image to the desired size, fix the horizon or set an accent color. Cut people and objects or change perspective. Apply great effects and go professional with color curves and tone correction.
  • Modern and responsive interface
    Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 not only has a new design, but also adapts to your workflow. Frequently used functions automatically appear in the quick access menu, so they are always a click away for quick results! Naturally, you can always go back to the classic look if you want.
  • Organize your photo collection
    Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 brings more visual clarity. The new file filter allows you to track photos more efficiently, for example by combining time and location searches! The flexible group view allows you to directly select files and view their EXIF ​​data in the new status bar. Experienced photographers will appreciate a decade’s new look that gives their photo collections a new look.
  • Design and photo rescue
    Unleash your creativity with Ashampoo Photo Commander 16! The new panorama function creates stunning widescreen images. And the built-in auto assistant takes care of overexposed or blurry images for great results every time. A variety of ready-to-use motifs makes it easy to make postcards for any occasion.
  • Set the new trend with PNG
    PNG is already one of the most popular image formats, and on the Internet, thanks to the ability to create PNG animations, it is a good alternative to animated GIFs. Ashampoo Photo Commander can significantly reduce PNG file size to save space and traffic, which is especially useful for mobile devices. And animations can be quickly created, converted or extracted into frames.
  • User wish fulfilled
    We can hear you. EXIF and IPTC metadata are now displayed in the status bar and can be edited and exported. The popular duplicate file finder has sped up significantly. Multiple pages can now be scanned in one go and, if desired, converted to PDF. Well, the important zoom function is always sped up significantly.

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