Ashampoo Snap 11.1 Full + Patch

Ashampoo Snap 11.1 with size 46.82 Mb is a completely new look thanks to a redesigned interface with clear icons and text tips for each toolbar element! Sound card access has been improved and high-quality lossless sound recording is now available. 4K retrieval has also been improved, and optimal settings do not require manual changes to achieve superior results. Enjoy amazing screenshots and videos anytime !.

Main Features:

Fetch mode

  • New work concepts
  • Absolute visual clarity during recording and editing
  • Take screenshots of full screen 3D games
  • Additional size of fixed dimensions of the capture area
  • Automatically add watermarks
  • Instantly capture all windows that appear on the desktop as objects
  • Use a color picker to capture colors from various applications
  • Timer
  • Create collages from multiple screenshots
  • Support for Windows 8, capture the new interface
  • Full support for 32-bit images with transparency (RGBA)
  • Retrieval menu

Video capture

  • The best voice recording
  • New codecs for the best video quality
  • Optimal automatic settings
  • Options that can be adjusted for WMV
  • Take screenshots of full screen 3D games
  • Slicing videos
  • Save videos as separate episodes
  • Merge video files
  • Watermarking functions that are enhanced by previewing
  • Convert part of video to animated GIF
  • Improved recording of audio tracks
  • Resolutions up to 4K
  • Edit live video capture with text and text in pencil
  • Display keyboard input when recording video
  • The capture window moves when taking a video
  • Add comments using the microphone when recording from a webcam
  • Set the location and size of the webcam window
  • Record webcam when recording video
  • Simplified control panel for video and mouse effects
  • New video capture control panel
  • Improved MP4 / WMV playback based on the new Windows Media Foundation
  • Take a timer video
  • Use a timer to limit the recording duration
  • Pause and continue recording
  • See recording duration
  • Setting the real time capture area during capture
  • Download from webcam
  • Add effects to mouse clicks


  • Support for text recognition in 6 languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian)
  • New language of introduction: Japanese
  • Extract text from images using text recognition
  • Use OCR to create text objects and copy them to the system clipboard

Improved management

  • The parameter window is more intuitive
  • Accelerate improvement in all program areas
  • Take multiple monitors in resolutions up to 4k
  • Add addresses (URLs) to images
  • Add Image Origin (URL) to Metadata
  • New options for hotkeys and screenshots
  • Take a picture of the system clipboard that was copied in the browser window
  • Create animated GIFs, for example for memes
  • User-defined shortcut keys for various functions
  • Optimization for modern processors
  • Advanced selection options for multi-monitor systems
  • Positioning using the cursor keys
  • Visual intuitive one-click workflow
  • All objects / parameters can still be edited
  • A wise work environment with a smart version in the background
  • Improved PDF support through PDF engines that are compatible with Windows Server
  • Improved performance with support for multi-core systems

Ashampoo Snap website

  • Automatic video resizing for large screen resolutions
  • Add origin (URL) of images in e-mail (only in Outlook)
  • Export all objects to Photoshop
  • Select external applications to process and edit images
  • Automatically resize images before sending
  • Supports WEBP storage format
  • Choose an application to work with PSD files
  • Print many files at once
  • Download to Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive with automatic adjustment support
  • Export to JXR and PSD with layers to make editing easier
  • Upload to Ashampoo Webspace now with video support
  • Sending Email, Using Email with a Browser Client
  • Default image uploader on the Ashampoo web portal

Edit mode

  • Work with different DPI values
  • Screen selection for editing mode
  • The edit window moves and is minimized
  • Backlight effect with image analysis
  • New formatting options for numbering
  • Works with different DPI on several monitors
  • Copy the object to the clipboard in edit mode
  • Copy objects between screenshots
  • Work with arrows and curved lines for maximum flexibility
  • Support for various cursor styles
  • Exit edit mode even with some projects open
  • Insert the image saved locally to the screenshot
  • Improved object scaling when resizing
  • Improved fill tool with gradient and tolerance options
  • Clone objects for reuse
  • Choose from various predefined sets of colors / harmonious styles with instant display
  • Work faster with 1-click object selection
  • Edit and add special color / style sets for quick access.
  • Use quick editing to add / edit text with one click / button press
  • Line drawing continues with special tools
  • Apply gradients to many objects
  • Quick choice of effects to suit live watching
  • Choose a color in the screenshot using the dropper

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