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Autodesk Maya 2023

Autodesk Maya 2023 is a cross-platform 3D graphics editor. The program has extensive functionality from 3D animation, modeling and visualization. Autodesk Maya is used to create animations, environments, motion graphics, virtual reality, and characters.

Widely used in cinematography, television and game industry. Autodesk Maya is equipped with versatile tools for comfortable, high-quality work with 3D. In this program, you can find everything a demanding modeler needs, as well as choose your own algorithm of actions.

It has a visualization function that is well implemented for ready-made models: the program comes with four built-in visualizers, and it is also possible to install various plug-ins, including V-Ray.

Main Features:

  • Construction of objects and characters by modeling and editing surfaces created based on polygons, NURBS curves, and subdives with the ability to convert one type of surface to another.
  • Tools for sculpting.
  • Realistic simulation of the behavior of deformable materials, hair, fur, fabrics, liquids and gases using an adjustable field system (wind, gravity).
  • Replacing particles with geometric objects.
  • System for creating realistic waves, foam, various atmospheric effects.
  • Rendering in global illumination, caustic, ambient occlusion, refraction, reflection, blur system.
  • Calculations can be performed using multiple computers. The rendering is in Macromedia Flash, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop formats. You can convert 3D objects into 2D objects.
  • Scene animation system: with keyframe, procedural animation, reverse animation, through programming.
  • High performance environment with locking, tracking, color correction, rotoscoping production, 2D and 3D painting, distortion production, compositing environment with visual effects, depth of field calculation, object blur, stereoscopic support.
  • Collaboration with Autodesk MotionBuilder, Autodesk Mudbox, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Softimage and other Autodesk products.
  • High adaptability using scripts and application tools such as MEL, Python, Qt Designer, PySide, C++ based APIs.

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