Autodesk Revit 2020.2 Full Version

Autodesk Revit 2020.2 with size 6.41 Gb is a product based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, designed to build designers and build organizations. Design ideas are translated into reality thanks to a coordinated and consistent model-oriented approach. Autodesk Revit 2020 is a full-featured solution that combines the capabilities of architectural design, building system engineering design and building structures, and construction modeling.

Main Features:

Calculation and analysis

  • Improved structural analytical model. Display widgets from the local coordinate system along with supporting analytic elements in the display.
  • Calculation of energy consumption using building elements. Automatic creation of analytic models for accurate energy consumption.
  • Model structural analysis. The formation of an analytical model of its structure and management.
  • Energy Analysis for Revit. Support for sustainable design.
  • Structural Analysis for Revit. The function of performing static calculations in the cloud is available.

Team work

  • IFC binding. Link the IFC file to the current project.
  • Check the intersection. Check the Revit model for spatial collisions between elements.
  • Collaboration. Multiple user results can be saved in one storage file.
  • Revit Server. Work on general models is carried out by WAN.
  • Integration with Vault. Integration helps optimize data management.
  • Integration with Autodesk 360. Access to integrated Autodesk 360 resources.
  • IFC certification. Revit is certified by BuildingSMART International.
  • Two-way communication with various settlement programs. Models can be updated automatically based on analysis results.


  • Cut / extend several elements. Trim / Extend can be applied to several items using a selection box.
  • Adjust the order of family parameters. Save the order of the given parameters.
  • Reinforcement for parts. Add reinforcement to concrete elements
  • Presentations for rebar sets. Different views of reinforcement for reinforcement in different views.
  • Property part of the supporting structure. The section shape contains additional parameters for the load-bearing element.
  • Methods for calculating pressure drops. Calculation of pressure drops for lines and pipes using the Haland equation or Kolbrook formula
  • Tips for family options. Configure the Revit MEP instructions, parameter descriptions and their use.
  • Accuracy determines a realistic model. Create a realistic model for the transition to manufacturing.
  • Parameter code by classifier. The location of the UniformatClassifications.txt file can be changed and updated.
  • Improvements in working with fixed elements. Remove pinned items only as directed by you. Now you can avoid accidentally deleting embedded items.
  • Temporary display template. View properties may change temporarily.
  • Autodesk exchange. Autodesk Exchange provides access to new features.
  • Parametric components. Graphic system for designing and describing forms.
  • Two-way association. One of the main advantages of this program is that it takes into account the slightest change.
  • Tools for conceptual design. Making sketches and models of arbitrary shapes.
  • Room color scheme according to the electrical / HVAC system plan. Clear transmission of design intent.
  • Piping and electrical system components. From Revit, access to electrical system components is possible.
  • Browser system. We can distinguish in the form of systems from which work is done.
  • Improvements in engineering systems. Among the enhanced product features include the creation of custom channel and pipe sizes.
  • Making sloping pipes. Increased productivity with piping systems.
  • Modeling using various materials. Building structure modeling is done using real materials.


  • Invisible lines (increased). Using natural shadows and invisible lines allows you to display elements that are located behind other objects or in front of them.
  • Improvements in working with change. Delete changes and sketch your own custom cloud shape.
  • Improvements in labeling. The ability to move stamps to maintain consistency in the project.
  • Increased bill of materials. Improved specifications in the Parameters, Filters, and Total Summary sections.
  • Images in specifications. Create specifications with images to demonstrate graphical information for elements.
  • Main note options. The dialog box for changing key notes contains only one path.
  • See link. Now, after linking to the view, the related view changes.
  • Dual display. Change to the default duplicate display naming option
  • Numbering of equipment. Numbering of fittings automatically.
  • Enhanced annotation feature for several bars. Use annotations for multiple bars for detailed information about the rebar set.
  • Threaded pipe lines or brands. Marking channels or pipes with numerical values ​​along the whole.
  • Building modeling. Disclosure of design plans that are embedded in the model.
    Interaction Even more effective interactions with project team participants are distributed.
  • Bill of materials. Detailed definition of material requirements.
  • Support for DWG, DWF, DXF and DGN formats. Work with data from customers and subcontractors.
  • Marks on placement / by category. Component labeling is available when placed.
  • Panel specifications. The specification displays load metrics.
  • Interaction with external databases. Information can be exported to a database that complies with ODBC.
  • node image. Create a node image in a 3D model view.


  • Streamline enhancements. Allows smoothing the display.
  • Sketch lines. The Sketch Lines tool allows you to hand-draw sketches.
  • Improvements to the beam search interface. Visualization without distortion in tracing ray mode.
  • Display moved. Make a type of node in the image.
  • Project visualization. The ability to visualize an almost photorealistic model.
  • Visualization. Rendering cloud allows designers to cut costs.

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