Avira System Speedup Pro Full + Patch

Avira System Speedup Pro

Avira System Speedup Pro is a set of tools for thorough optimization and tuning of your computer. Increase the performance and responsiveness of your Windows system, and maintain optimal states automatically. With Avira System Speedup Scheduler, you don’t have to remember to scan for unwanted and unused data regularly.

You can schedule one scan at a set time (for example, at night) or set up automatic scans every day or every week. Throughout its life, a computer accumulates programs, logs, junk files, cookies and other junk that remains in it for a long time after being used. All they do is overload the memory and processor. You may have already tried deleting unnecessary files, but this did not save you from the constant slowness of your computer.

The culprit is countless temporary files, registry entries invisible to you. Avira System Speedup reaches inaccessible places for users to safely and thoroughly remove unused programs and files, optimize Windows and restore the fast, error-free experience you deserve!

Main Features:

  • Make your computer easier to boot
    System Cleanup Module includes a complete set of tools to rid your computer of debris quickly and safely. Reclaim unused space with Junk Files Cleaner, Registry Cleaner and Smart Defragmenter features. Turn on Privacy Cleaner to clean the data you download during daily web browsing.
  • Finds the source of slowdowns, freezes, and crashes
    All computers run a series of processes in the background. When new apps are added, background activity grows chaotically, causing errors and crashes. System Optimiser, combined with Process Manager and Service Manager, steers volatile processes in the right direction. Startup Manager reduces boot time by limiting the number of tasks that run while Windows boots.
  • Do not leave gifts from the past
    This is your computer and you have the final say in what files can be shared with others. The File Encryption feature blocks current files from prying eyes, while File Shredder and Disk Wiper do everything to make deleted items unrecoverable. Uninstaller allows you to cleanly remove applications that take up space on your computer or may cause errors in the future.
  • Thoroughly check PC health
    You don’t need to make an appointment for Disk Doctor to find, diagnose, and repair hard drive errors. Disk Analyzer helps you increase disk space usage. Driver Monitor proactively monitors the software connecting the operating system to the PC, reducing the risk of hardware failure.
  • Intuitive assessment of the state of your computer
    The main screen of the program is very informative, after studying it you can conclude the status of your operating system. Good tools – Your PC is now running at peak performance. Attention – you need to scan. Bad – don’t panic, just run PC setup to restore system performance and speed.
  • Avira System Speedup’s default scheduler
    Thanks to Avira System Speedup’s built-in scheduler, you will never forget to scan for unwanted and unused data. You can set scans at specific times, set automatic scans every day or once a week on certain days.
  • Suitable for beginners and experts
    Beginners in computer optimization will be able to optimize the system with one mouse click. Experienced users will appreciate the advanced settings, including temporary file deletion, registry defragmenter, file copy blocker, backup boot record wizard, and more.
  • System state
    All the tools to keep your PC running top-notch can easily be found here on the Avira System Speedup main screen. It also stores information about the latest PC settings and reminders of when the next scan will be. Automate PC maintenance with the handy scheduler and tick this mission off your to-do list.
  • System Cleaner
    Free disk space from unnecessary files. Experienced users will appreciate the ability to customize deleted data using the Junk File Cleaner, Registry Cleaner and Privacy Cleaner. Thanks to the default settings, even a novice user gets the opportunity to significantly increase disk space.
  • Novice manager
    Does your computer’s boot process take too long? It’s not surprising that Windows boots up with a lot of non-essential tasks. Cut startup files and reduce waiting time. Recommended for advanced users only.
  • File Setup
    System effectiveness depends not only on what you have, but also on how well managed it is. Disk Analyzer and other tuning tools will help your computer run smarter, not harder. The built-in Registry Backup and File/Folder Backup feature give you essential protection in case of unforeseen circumstances (PC theft, accident, etc.).
  • Security Utility
    File Encryption/Decryption guarantees that your data will not be made available to anyone else. Your deleted files will be completely gone with the File Shredder feature. Preparing your PC for transfer or sale? Disk Wiper will do what no one else can to recover deleted data.
  • Uninstallers
    You may already know that deleting unwanted folders can compromise system stability. What you may not know, however, is that using the Windows “Add/Remove Programs” feature often leaves behind useless leftovers. The Uninstaller feature in the Avira System Speedup package ensures cleaning every time.

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