Belkasoft Evidence Center 2020 9.9.4611 Full Version

Belkasoft Evidence Center 2020 9.9.4611 with size 1.50 Gb is a comprehensive digital forensic solution for retrieving data from devices, searching, recovering and analyzing digital evidence stored on computers and mobile devices, as well as cloud services. Belkasoft Evidence Center makes it easy to obtain, search, analyze, store and transfer digital evidence on computers and mobile devices. This program will quickly extract digital evidence from various sources by analyzing hard drives, images, cloud applications, functioning memory content, iOS, Blackberry and Android backup, UFED, JTAG, and chip-off dumps. The Evidence Center will automatically analyze the data source and present the most significant evidence for review, study in detail or be included in the report.

Main Features:

  • Computer and cellular expertise. Supporting all major desktop and cellular operating systems, Belkasoft Evidence Center is an excellent choice for computers and cellular forensics. He is able to analyze connected drives and their images, virtual machines, mobile device backups, UFED and OFB dumps, and JTAG and “chip-off”.
  • Smart and comprehensive analysis. The product “sees” all possible places on the device completely automatically and successfully identifies more than 1000 types of digital evidence. An easy-to-find proof search function helps narrow down the list of data to be studied using filters, finished search, and other options.
  • Look for strong signatures. The signature search, or “engraving,” allows you to restore evidence even though it has been deleted or never stored in a file on the device at all (which may be due to swapping file swapping, hibernation or memory images). In addition, an advanced analysis mode called BelkaCarving, developed by our specialists, makes it possible to reconstruct fragmented pieces of memory into a single sequential image, which allows you to “collect” shared information that would otherwise not be available at all.
  • Original SQLite support. This product allows you to recover damaged or incomplete SQLite databases, deleted records, and deleted history files. Supports freelist lists, write-ahead logs and log files, and searches that are not filled with SQLite.
    RAM Analysis: The Evidence Center can extract important information from RAM, such as: browsing websites privately, deleted search history, online chat, social networking, search history for cloud services, and much more. Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer will help you capture RAM images, including in the Evidence Center installation.
  • Comfortable built-in viewer. Audience registers, Plist, SQLite, and hexadecimal files allow you to work with higher efficiency when meeting certain data types, and even find data that avoids automatic searching.
  • Low level research. Equipped with a file system exploration window, hexadecimal viewer, and type converter, Belkasoft Evidence Center allows you to even explore in depth the contents of files and various fields of information media.
  • Extensions via BelkaScript. The free scripting module allows users to write their extensions to automate common tasks and further enhance product functionality.

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