CCleaner Browser 77.1.1836.93 Full + Crack

CCleaner Browser 77.1.1836.93 with size 56.15 Mb is a fast and secure web browser that is designed to prioritize user privacy. The browser was developed by the creators of a popular tool for cleaning and optimizing Chromium-based systems.

Main Features:

  • Without identification The “No Identification” function hides your browser’s unique data (for example, installed versions and extensions) to prevent sites from identifying you and tracking you without your consent.
  • Adblock The Adblock function blocks annoying, annoying and malicious ad messages, and does not allow ad networks to follow you. This protects your privacy and speeds up page loading. Unlike other blockers, our flexible function allows you to block all advertisements without exception or to get rid of only the most aggressive and annoying ones.
  • Protection against phishing The “Protection against phishing” function is similar to your personal bodyguard on the Internet. It blocks phishing and dangerous sites by checking in real time whether their URLs in the Piriform site list are currently unsafe. To prevent your computer from infecting, this feature even blocks dangerous downloads.
  • No Tracking The No Tracking feature uses the Don’t Track setting to protect your privacy, which requires sites, analytics companies, ad networks, and other web services to stop tracking your online activities. Using filters allows you to completely eliminate web beacons, track scripts, and other ways to gather information used on the sites you visit.
  • See-through mode, invisibility mode, sometimes referred to as “privacy mode” or “incognito mode”, is a privacy protection feature that prevents search history and deletes all tracking cookies and network caches that are stored while in hidden mode.
  • HTTPS encryption Secure payment mode is an additional precaution. This creates an isolated Windows desktop session and protects it from malicious scripts or keystrokes to steal passwords and other personal data.
  • Password Manager The password manager eliminates the need to remember all of their passwords. You only need to remember the main password, and the operator will handle the rest. These tools can also create strong passwords and allow you to enter the site automatically with one click.
  • Protection against extensions “Protection against extensions” is another level of protection that protects you from intruders. This feature prevents installation of unreliable extensions (also called “add-ons” or “plug-ins”) in your browser, while not stopping you from installing reliable and safe extensions.
  • Delete privacy “Delete privacy” is an easy way to protect your privacy and delete unnecessary data (for example, logs, cached images, cookies, download history) from your browser that accumulates while using the Internet.
  • Flash Protection Flash Protection is a simple but effective protection feature that prevents content from Adobe Flash technology (such as games, videos, animations, etc.) running in your browser.
  • Webcam Defender Giving a website access to a webcam implies a strong trust in it, because in theory they can spy on you. Webcam Defender lets you decide whether to give a website permanent or only partial access to a webcam, and ensures that no one is watching you without your consent.

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