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Clean Space 7.05 size 13.75 Mb is a program to enhance the security of the operating system. The first thing that might Clean room, is to remove all traces are left after visiting the site (browser history, cache, cookies, and other image files.). A clean room is easy to use, has two modes of treatment that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Also delete useless files that slow down your computer, this program has a function to lock the screen, and shows the process (programs, drivers) that runs on your kompyutere.Nekotorye of them can run in the background and you can stop any process. After scanning, the program will offer you to see the accumulation of garbage, you can even choose what you want to delete and what not. Supported algorithms to prevent recovery of deleted data.

Be sure to «Clean Space» document the user will not be deleted by mistake! After the scan, before the start of the cleaning process, you have the opportunity to see the junk files that can be deleted. They are presented as a list of areas divided. Just double-click on any item will be removed from the list and you will see that it stores. Do not allow the computer to spy on you and record every step you make! With this program, you will protect your secrets.

Main Features:

  • The program allows you to clean traces in Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8, as well as in the most popular browsers, IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome.
  • It includes important features such as permanently deleting files, supported by a 5 method of removal of the standard (where the data can be recovered) by the method RosGOST R50739-95, Guttman and DOD 5220.22
  • Two modes of treatment that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Lock Screen function.
  • Demonstrate the process (programs, drivers) that runs on your computer.

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