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ConnectedText Desktop size 33.60 Mb is a computer program designed to structure, display and storage of diverse textual information. Mini Wiki. ConnectedText Desktop Outline text editor. One of the best programs – personal and business information manager for Windows. His document is a set of tabs that contain the document tree various formats (RTF, HTML, TXT).

Storing your personal and business information in a single file, a simple organization of this information makes your life easier. Stop spending your life searching for phone numbers, names, plans and ideas! tree branches can set the icon, set reminders, support insert various objects. This program can be minimized to tray, set the heat klavishi.Podderzhivaet working with multiple tabs, have extensive organizer functions, import and export files, sorting by category tabs, syntax highlighting and many other features.

The program’s interface is designed in the form of a notebook with tabs. Each tab has a tree structure, where you can store an unlimited number of entries. Entries can be easily moved in one tab and the other tabs. New flexible organizers and a large set of features for classification and records management.

Main Features:

  • a global search in the notebook, the search process is created and displayed in a separate window, a list of all occurrences of a given search string
  • Many elements of the program interface and keyboard shortcuts are customizable
  • each tab and each note can be supplied with an icon, there is a set of predefined icons with the possibility of charging
  • Data encryption and password protection of laptop notebook
  • Some notebook level of compression
  • export and import files in various formats, including notebooks and similar programs DartNotes TreePad
  • creating macros to do repetitive tasks
  • The use of plug-ins
  • Creation of templates
  • text styles and paragraph styles
  • virtual record – records are updated dynamically, which is not stored in the contents of the notebook itself, and in an external file (virtual node English.)
  • Automatic capture clipboard content
  • insert notes OLE-attachments, such as pictures, mathematical equations, Microsoft Office documents, etc .
  • File Manager.
  • Unicode support
  • Notes for each check box is provided to be used in some situations to hide and show notes
  • alarm reminders
  • insert a table in the record is not implemented on the basis of the mechanism of OLE, as in previous versions, and through instruments msftedit.dll standard library
  • Support interface languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English
  • Other types of virtual notes – (. English mirror node) mirror copy Of more, already in the record books.

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