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Corel Painter 2017 (352 Mb) is a powerful graphics application for those who like to draw on the computer, or tablet. graphics editor Corel Painter, is a recognized leader in the world in the graphics program to draw on the PC screen, the new creation, which is amazing for an unusual color palette, imagery, characters. According to developers, graphic editor, created by artists for artists.

In the course of 2017 the graphics Corel Painter, you’ll find a range of brushes, paper textures, oils and watercolors, in general, all that is in the set of a true artist, who works with canvas and real color, but all you have on the screen of your personal PC.! With broad support for different file formats, you can continue working on projects started on other graphics programs.

Main Features

  • Work with the content. Corel Painter contains libraries of unique textures, color gradients, patterns, manage your photos, and more.
  • Quick Start. It includes a guide to program features for beginners.
  • Drawing RealBristle Technology. Markers, pencils, pens and chalk effect of actual use, as can any other editing. Feel the power of combining traditional real painting and the new generation of digital media. • Combine high-tech talent and artists together!
  • Selection tool. Polygonal Lasso tool mode technology and new Magic Wand will give you the opportunity to create a life of separation elements.
  • Wacom support. Full support for Wacom product line, including the Intuos and Cintiq, which is designed to work with the most advanced tools for digital painting.
  • Working with color. Now, choosing colors to be more precise, simple and smart. Corel Painter provides individual color profiles for every document and improved color recognition in the document that was imported from Adobe Photoshop. This saves the time required to color correction.
  • Tools Photo-Paint. Transform fotogratsii in painting, or enabling technology SmartStroke Auto-Painting palette to do it for you. SmartStroke following when drawing lines and contours of the artist in reality. It gives you the opportunity to combine two worlds – photos and paintings.
  • The color palette mixing. Samples of colors and mixer appears when you expand the Mixer palette Palette. Increasing its size to accommodate more colors and to better select the desired color. When you are done with flowers, you can reduce the size of the pallets, so it does not take up much space on the screen.
  • Selection of painting styles. Palette underpainting palette includes color schemes based on various artistic styles, such as Impressionism, classical, modern, drawing on the album, watercolors, etc.
  • Loans from other color images. Matching the color and intensity of the two images. Just open an image that you like the color scheme and use the Match Palette effect to borrowing the colors in your design.
  • high speed. Corel Painter – this editor featuring high performance and low consumption of computer resources.

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