Corel Painter 2020 Full Version

Corel Painter 2020 (745 Mb) is the most productive program for digital painting on the market. This program is intended for professional artists and new ones. Thanks to Painter 2020’s many improvements, including stunning visual improvements and a modern user interface, speed and performance enhancements, and a completely new brush collection, the creative process will become more diverse and interesting. Functions that simplify and accelerate the creative process are another reason why Corel Painter is the main tool in most artistic fields. The user community is actively involved in program development, expressing criticism that builds and shares their work, tools, and methods. These ideas and suggestions are the main source of innovation in the creative process. Create your work by drawing software that really blurs the boundary between analog and digital images. Try it for yourself, and we are sure you will agree – Corel Painter 2020 changes the possibility of digital art.

Main Features:

  • Thick paint. There are many tools for applying, blurring, mixing and eroding paint, painting arises and working with a palette knife, which will allow you to make images as realistic as possible. Put pressure, twists and turns, work with “Bristle Brushes”, and achieve incredible organic scratches with the help of mastic palette.
  • 2.5D Texture Brush. Painting with an amazing 2.5D Brush Texture that lifts paint from the canvas. Import two-dimensional images from 3D models and, by integrating with the source, apply paint on a thick scale, hole or nodular structure. Or paint directly on the canvas to add charm to your work. And finally, adjust the ambient lighting design to make your canvas shine.
  • Texture synthesis. Forget hard work with textures – directly for bright and unique elements from small samples. Select the texture area and reproduce it on a larger scale, retaining all visual elements from the source code. During synthesis, the properties of the selected area are randomly assigned to create new templates or compositions based on the selected parameters.
  • Cloning ability. Make collages and edit photos easily. Create a cloning or import source and adjust the size and shape when traveling. Experiments with transparent cloning sources that fit harmoniously into your composition.
  • Enhanced features! Technology “Drops and liquids.” Brushes, which are highly favored by artists, with the technology of applying drops or liquids have become more flexible. Apply brush strokes with the usual Sargent brush on a blank layer, mix the pattern with the main sweep. In addition, there are many new Natural-Media® brushes that will inspire you for extraordinary creations.
  • Brush Selection. Use the new selection brush tool, which lets you create unique brush shapes to select elements quickly and accurately or delete them from options. After you select and adjust your ideal brush shape, save it for use later in the job.
  • Fill in the Texture. Fill canvas instantly with a spectacular texture. Whatever function you use, “Paint Bank” or a new “Fill Effect” menu, all textures from your library are ready to be transferred to the canvas immediately.
  • Random item rotation (Random Item Rotation). Choose your favorite rough brush, then turn on the new mode, and Painter will rotate the fine grain with each brush stroke, which will give a more natural and organic look to your creation.
  • Additional features. Find a new Natural-Media brush library where you can easily find brushes that mimic traditional material. Look at the library of textures and experiment with updated content to make your images more realistic. Have you been excited to try Painter’s new feature? Just enter “” in the brush library search box, and before you open all new brushes.

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