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Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate with size 346 Mb is a powerful editing software will meet the needs of most photographers and designers. As part of Paint Shop includes modules capture, create and edit images, manage and share photos, create a slide show with high-definition video, as well as a rich set of various models and filters for optimizing images and creating graphical effects. Corel PaintShop allows creative freedom in creating the work.


Easy to view, organize, and change

  • Updated workspace. workflow is now even more natural thanks to improvements in PaintShop Pro interface. You can move freely between the three regions with tabs for managing your photos, to customize and edit photos. Workspace «Management» – for viewing, tagging and organizing the ever-growing photo collection. Workspace “Settings” – here you will find frequently used tools for fast correction. Workspace “Edit” – looking for opportunities tools for detailed processing photos, create image composition and graphic design.
  • Panel Information from the photograph. Here you can immediately see all relevant information about the image, including information about the camera, which is used for shooting, and setting.
  • Support for two monitors. Manage your photos on one screen, and edit – on the other side.
  • Learning Center. Get useful information about tasks, commands, and tools of PaintShop Pro. On the main page “Learning Center” displays information in accordance with the tasks performed by the workflow, so that at each stage of the process of editing a photo, you will receive the necessary background information.

Fast Feedback

  • The speed and performance. Improved performance, including optimizing the use of the GPU, allowing the speed and sensitivity PaintShop Pro interface for photo editing to give more fun.
  • Results in real time. reduction of noise, resonance, tone mapping, and many other effects are applied in real time, to rapidly assess the results of their applications.

Create studio-quality images with professional tools

  • Module to create images with high dynamic range (HDR). The new module allows you to create an HDR image with perfect exposure or stunning surrealistic images. This module allows you to combine photos taken at different exposures or experiment with different tones of the image. Try to use her abilities to images taken using the automatic exposure function on a digital SLR camera.
  • Photo Mixing. Now you can combine elements of multiple images of the same scene, creating a superior picture. From the street scene can remove unwanted cars or people. Alternatively, you can improve a group photo, choose the most successful smiling face of a series of images.
  • Lighting, shading and clarity. You can brighten shadows without changing the rest of the image, using the definition of the filter and fill light. This is a good way to draw attention to small details, to improve the texture and increase the depth of the image.
  • Selective Focus. You can simulate the effects of using expensive lens with tilt and shift without spending money to buy it! The use of selective focus allows you to turn the story into a picture with a miniature effect. You can also use this tool to add depth of field and blur the disturbing details.
  • The effects of the sketch. The use of classical shading effects near the boundaries of photography allows you to draw attention to the main object of the photograph. Use the intuitive controls, with the help of which you can choose the shape, color and shadow edges of the image, as well as to adjust the blur and glow.
  • File RAW Lab. Improved the preview area in the RAW Lab makes it easier to view the image file. Improved histogram helps you quickly tune the image, and use flashing new recovery can restore detail in overexposed areas.
  • Adjustment Layers. Coating is used to protect the original image, especially with complex editing operations, such as adding elements, creating image compositions, the use of artistic enhancements or add text.
    – Intelligent processing (Smart Carver). Skillfully remove objects from professional quality images. Intelligent processing also allows you to expand or contract objects without distortion. Description taken from
  • Extract objects. unified tool “Take that thing” allows you to isolate object – even challenging cases such as flyaway hair and fuzzy pet fur – so you can copy objects to a new background, or to enter a new background behind the subject.
  • Tools that make people more attractive. With the help of tools that are easy and attractive we can make sure that the people in the pictures look as good as possible. In just a few seconds they can be made thinner, eliminating red dots in their eyes, to remove wrinkles on the face, apply the tan and remove blemishes.

Extensive editing capabilities

  • Modern cloning tool. It is easy to remove defects from the photographs and objects by replacing them with content from other areas of the image.
  • Removal Tool scratches. Out of photos scratches and cracks, filling in the appropriate content of the surrounding area.
  • Macro. To save time, you can create scripts that automate frequently used photo editing operation.
  • Configurable screen capture. Easily Capture images from the screen for use in presentations, manuals and other materials.
  • Advanced tools strain. Use twist, expansion or contraction of the image to create interesting effects or cosmetic repairs.
  • Editing Tool vector. Draw and edit vector objects, combine artistic elements with the photos to create unique designs.
  • Brush decor. Discover the unlimited possibilities of creativity – using a variety of brushes in PaintShop Pro.
  • Tools for Web graphics. Maintaining and optimizing images for the web, and use the comparison image, the image division and playback.

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