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E-on Vue R4 Build 4003044 with size 5.61 Mb is a program designed to produce 3D scenes. It has an interface design that is optimized for ease of use and performance, and contains many outstanding rendering features, including volume effects, luminous materials, lens flares, stars and planets, rocks, and more !. VUE is very productive and easy to use so you can create and animate 3D landscapes in seconds. This program is used almost everywhere where it is needed to create a natural environment: cinema, advertising, architectural visualization. The program’s track record in the film industry is quite impressive: Avatar, Indiana Jones 4, Pirates of the Caribbean, Terminator 4, etc. E-on Vue allows artists to easily create beautiful landscapes without having experience in other 3d packages. The choice of library models is huge. And the presence of a quick preview makes it significantly speed up the process of making a scene, which allows you to almost immediately see the results and, if necessary, make adjustments. Some work at Vue can be made only “on one trip” without digging into difficult technical moments like in other 3d programs.



  • VUE integrates flexible and powerful terrain modeling technologies. From creating full planets to infinitely detailed terrainscapes, VUE’s got you covered!
  • Create hydrological and thermal simulations, manually sculpt them in real time, and even animate the parameters. Procedural terrains provide an unlimited level of detail; move your camera closer, and more detail is seamlessly added.
  • Like procedural terrains, Heightfield Terrains are based on a function graph, but baked on a fixed-resolution grid. Allowing more flexibility and realism to your terrains. Heightfield Terrains are also significantly faster to render!


  • VUE offers 2 render engines: a fully customizable CPU Ray-tracer, and a hybrid GPU/CPU Path tracer. Both render engines incorporate all of today’s high-end features yet stands out in their ability to handle huge polygon counts quickly and efficiently.
  • Render your scenes in stereo, 360° VR Panoramas, VR180, to play them on any Stereo-compliant platform (such as Youtube for instance) or devices such as Occulus Rift, HTC Vive, Nvidia 3DVision, Sony PSVR, Google DayDream, Google Carboard etc.
  • For more artistic freedom, VUE also includes a fully featured Non-Photorealistic Rendering shader that analyzes your renders to create stylized artwork.


  • Because we understand that our tools will find their place with bigger arsenal in your pipeline, we made sure that what you do in VUE does not merely stay in VUE, and what you do outside of VUE can be imported seamlessly.
  • VUE can be installed both as a standalone package, and as a plugin for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D or LightWave. With the included conversion tool, VUE scenes can be rendered with any renderer such as RenderMan, Arnold, Octane, VRay Next, Corona, etc.
  • VUE features an extensible architecture that can be programmed using the Python cross-platform standard for application scripting.
  • Easily exchange geometry with ZBrush using GoZ (terrains as quads, other meshes as triangles).
  • Camera motion can be imported and exported as .FBX as well as Nuke .CHAN files. – And that’s just scratching the surface of how well VUE can fit into your workflow!


  • VUE lets you export every single asset of your scenes: Plants, Rocks, Terrains, Ecosystem populations, procedural materials, Camera paths, lights, Cloud Layers, Standalone Clouds and even full scenes, in a wide variety of file formats, such as FBX, Alembic, OpenVDB, 3ds, Collada, Ptex and more. You can control every single Level of Detail, per instance, or globally. On top of this, skies can be exported as HDR skydomes or skycubes.


  • VUE provides extensive multi-pass rendering options. Virtually every rendering element, every layer, every material and every single object can be assigned a separate pass. VUE generates all multi-pass renders in High Dynamic Range, including all objects, cloud and layer masks, rendering components, ambient occlusion, shadows, reflections, atmospheric contributions, etc. Multi-pass renders can be exported as EXR 32 bit files with each pass stored in high dynamic range format.


  • The creation of natural 3D environments requires highly complex shaders that respond to altitude or slope, seamlessly cover any terrain, and exhibit enough detail whether seen from distance or from close-up.
  • VUE features a shader system that is fully optimized for the challenges of Digital Nature. By using three types of material editors, you can effectively create anything from simple bitmapped textures to elaborate multi-layered procedural materials that dynamically respond to the environment.
  • VUE is fully compliant with the PBR Metalness workflow and includes a Specular to Metalness converter.

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