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Easy2Boot 1.88i Beta (16.77 Mb) is a powerful tool for the creation of multi-flash drive, which can contain any distribution, LiveCD or floppy image. Easy2Boot cooperate closely with the application to create a bootable drive RMPrepUSB, which should already be installed on your computer.

After loading Easy2Boot archive, extract unnecessary: ​​get _ISO Files \ docs \ Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd and run. At the same time, if you use a portable version RMPrepUSB, you will need to specify the path to the folder RMPrepUSB. Select the appropriate drive from the list, format it, and decided to file system

The following notes. If you choose FAT32 USB flash drive in the UEFI boot without any problems, but does not support files larger than 4 GB. And if you’re using NTFS, do not support UEFI, but it is possible to work with larger files. ie if your image weighs less than 4 GB each, then do not hesitate to choose FAT32. With NTFS little more complicated – namely, USB flash drive in UEFI will not boot. In this case, they did it: loaded into BIOS, and then select the image for UEFI, with Easy2Boot rewriting the entire MBR flashes and will boot in UEFI.

Now go to your drive – you have become available _ISO files and folders:

  • ANTIVIRUS – LiveCD image for antivirus.
  • AUTO – any image placed in subfolder with the correct name (for example, in the course of Ubuntu \ My_Ubuntu_Distro.iso)
  • LINUX – Lunksovy any image will be in this folder.
  • MainMenu – images from this folder and will appear in the main grub4dos boot menu.
  • UTILITIES – floppy image.
  • UTILITIES_MEMTEST – also for the floppy disk.
  • WIN – here insert images, ready for loading into UEFI.
  • WINDOWS – for each Windows image to put it in the appropriate subfolder.

Then run RMPrepUSB, select a drive from the list and press Ctrl + F2 – after a while you’re fully prepared to work multiboot USB flash drive.
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