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Engelmann Media Videomizer (54.95 Mb) is a powerful application designed for automatic image processing of video, video stabilization and optimization, as well as converting to different formats. Effectively cope with the effects produced by hand-shaking and occasional rotation of the camera when shooting. Video – this is, above all, a large number of single images (frames or images). Thanks to the high-speed changes of the frame before the eyes of the viewer, creating the illusion of visual motion. Videomizer program using the mechanisms and algorithms that improve every single video image itself to optimize the entire video.

Videomizer consists of a complex network Psychovisual and mathematical procedure that allows the program to provide an analysis of each frame with high precision, provide visual optimization, and make it look more realistic. The most important component of this process is the reconstruction of the image so that it fits with what the human eye would see. Simultaneously, an innovative selective object detection algorithm ensures that the selected to optimize the image on the frame, which requires optimization.

All this makes Videomizer video lab is almost completely automated: the image on the frame will have a dynamic range extended (HDR), a human face on the image are detected and optimized by relevance, exposure errors, and color corrected, shadows, highlights, etc. The program can use this feature without. user-or the necessary response.

Optimization Video:

  • To optimize the video weak, blurred or underexposed, you can use the Optimize function, which offers the following options
  • Automatic – the program will take care of all the parameters optimization
  • Slider Low – Strong designed to control the power optimization
  • Auto Color is responsible for the optimization of not only images but also color
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range effects switch
  • Applies to all – the option to apply settings to all video sources list
  • Receive new default – if you find a better setting than the default, click on this line to save it as the new default settings
  • Reset – reset all settings to their default values

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