FileMenu Tools 7.7 Full + Patch

FileMenu Tools 7.7 (14.56 Mb) is configuring items in the Windows Explorer context menu, allowing you to independently list the necessary commands. With one click, you can rename, copy, move, delete files, run the necessary programs, copy options to the clipboard, call an anti-virus scanner, open Internet links and more. This program allows you to set the order in which menu items are placed, divide them into groups, create submenus with required items, use commands from predetermined sets, or add your own commands with additional parameters. Other distinctive features of this program are the ability to manage menu items created during the installation of other programs, as well as quick editing of the “send” menu. FileMenu Tools – designed to expand the Windows context menu, providing the ability to arrange or delete additional items. Running applications, commands, procedures, or file operations has never been easier. By default, FileMenu Tools provides a series of ready-made commands that greatly simplifies the implementation of a number of standard tasks.

A series of predefined commands and utilities:

  • Command line from here
  • Copy name
  • Copy path
  • Register etc.
  • Cancel registration etc.
  • Attributes (optional menu)
  • Copy to folder …
  • Move to folder …
  • Extract from folder
  • Destroying file …
  • Remove bypassing the “Basket”
  • Delete empty folder …
  • Remove Blocked Files
  • Divide the file into several parts (utilities)
  • Gather parts of files
  • Move to a new folder
  • Copy the path as an internet address
  • Copy file contents (text only)
  • Paste from buffer to file (text only)
  • Find and replace … (text only) (utility)
  • Advanced Uninstall … (utility)
  • Create a new folder
  • Send by Email
  • Create symbolic links …
  • Starting with the parameter … (utility)
  • Synchronize … (utility)
  • Duplicate
  • Copy the UNC path
  • Change date … (file change) (utility)
  • Change folder icon … (utility)
  • Change the extended name … (utility)
  • Folder content size … (utility)
  • Calculate and check Checksum …
  • Selecting Elements … (XP)
  • Configure FileMenu Tool …

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